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  1. I am Aditya Gupta, Currently doing Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from Arya college of Engineering & I.T. from Jaipur (Rajasthan Technical University) with the aggregate of 73.2% till 5th Semester.
    I want to do internship from any city where it is possible to company , So please inform me if there is any vacancy.
    Contact number:8696044669, 9571252683
    Email- [email protected]

  2. Dear sir,
    I would like to inform you that we are running an NGO in Gopalganj Bihar. Our unit for human rights namely “national human rights and law association” is trying to get accreditation from NALSA for legal help to poor by legal awareness camps, legal clinic etc. Please guide me easy approach to get accreditation from NALSA. We had already sent NALSA forms (filled) to the Delhi offices, but there were no response

  3. Shefali khanna says:

    Sir for lawoctopus campus program, only students can apply, or anyone , who is a pass out, can also apply? I have completed my masters in law, so am I eligible to apply?

  4. Harshvardhan Rai says:


  5. Atul Singh says:

    hi sir,
    I am Atul Singh, I am doing LL.B {3 YEAR}, I am student of Guru Ghasisdas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh)
    I want to do internship in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi under any NGO and , So please inform me if there is any vacancy.
    Contact number: 09074789992, 09039969916

  6. hi sir,
    I want to do internship in south India under any NGO and I am doing BALLB {1 YEAR}, So please inform me if there is any vacancy.

  7. Sharad Kumar says:
  8. Immediate opportunity for female law students to join as an interns.
    We have immediate vacancy for two female Law students for duration of about six to eight weeks.. Applications are invited from only Mumbai’s resident FEMALE law student preferably (1) who can join us immediately and (2) staying on the western suburb i.e. Bandra to Borivali.
    Our office is located on New link Road, Lokhandwala Andheri West area which is well connected by buses and Metro Railway with nearest station as D N Nagar.

    We have on hand some urgent cases to challenge and file revision petition before the Hon’ble Bombay High Court against an Interim Award given by an Arbitrator. Also a case to be file against Co-Op., Hsg., Society’s committee for harassment and illegal acts, errors and omissions committed. To help us for case study and type lengthy documents by synchronizing all documents, arrange all relevant documents as annexes to be submitted in case papers, we are accepting applications from ONLY MUMBAI based female law students.

    Ours is Trade Dispute Arbitrators and International Trade consultants; handling drafting M. O.U., finalize long terms’ contracts between foreign buyers and Indian companies which involves various acts and laws i.e., banking, custom, import / export trade policy etc. Moreover in case of difference of opinion arises on any terms or conditions of contact; we put efforts with both concern parties to settle amicably any commercial dispute, failing which we act as an arbitrators.

    While attending an Arbitration between an Indian based Corporate Company and Singapore based reputed conglomerate. We have had chances of conferencing with Singapore’s both sides’ eminent Solicitors as well as disposing as a Chief Witness in the Singapore High Court. This experience has given a boost to our establishment as the case was won by our documentations and detailed explanations to the Hon’ble Court about Indian Business Systems and Customs’ procedure for Import / Export procedures.

    On the other civil practice side, under banner of ” YOUR HELP LINE ” we are taking on professional terms assignments for drafting L & L agreements, Sale / Purchase of Immovable Properties, Properties’ Gift Deeds, Family Settlements of Inherited properties etc. Also, as free of cost social services, we are helping needy with R.T.I. to Insurance companies, Municipality, Housing Society related issues etc. Most these activities are like N.G.O., as no fee is charged to needy and senior citizens! Without obtaining N.G.O.’s registration, our team is doing reasonable social services to poor public at large.

  9. Internship @ DSR Legal, Mumbai
    This is the worst internship one can ever come across. They make you work like hell, treat you like clerks and at the end they straightaway refuse you from giving certificates.
    I request you please don’t join this firm. Its better to stay unemployed then to work over there

  10. the Maharashtra State Human Rights Comission is taking interns for the month of june and july 2015. you can apply by sending a letter of recommendation,an internship application and ur CV to the MSHRC office in mumbai by post or deliver it by hand to their office.

  11. pundrikaksh says:

    I was preparing for Bangalore but unfortunately I got air 484. I took a drop this year. Now what are my chances of nlu n is it worth going. Do I drop again.

    • administrator says:

      You’ll get HNLU/RML, which are very good colleges. Take admission and prepare for CLAT while in college.

  12. hey , i am an economics graduate from hindu college, university of delhi and i now want to pursue law . there are’nt enough good colleges except faculty of law , delhi university that offer a 3 year llb degree.
    i personally want to go for a corporote law firm .
    1. what other colleges can i apply in ?
    2. since last year(i.e.2014) SLS pune has come up with the 3 year course as well , and i am very keen on joining it because of the reputation of the college, but do you think SLS will be worth a gamble at this new stage of its 3 year course ? and also would it be possible to crack and prepare for an LLM abroad from the top three universities ?
    i would appreciate any kind of help and view .
    thank you 🙂

    Its a real and Tragedic incident of Mine, Where as i interned in Lawctopus – vahura paid Internship.
    I posted this comment twice in website where as Mr.Tanuj sir assured me for providing Internship certificate. .
    but finally where did hes assurance go?
    Its just 1 month (4 weeks) Internship but its been more den 5 months for getting my certificate.
    Since 2-3 months I m contacting Mr.Tanuj sir thru call, mail, whatsapp where hes not Turning up hence its an paid internship, i have completed all my task in time.
    Please help me out. .
    I requested him for sending internship certificate since past 2-3 months. Hence i need to hand over all internship certificate to Karnataka High court where I ll be Internin dis Summer.
    Its hard to belive Lawctopus is leadin law website and vahura is leading law firm failing to provide proper Information.
    MR.TANUJ sir..Please respond to my post..

    • administrator says:

      We are processing the certificates. It will take sometime (3-10 days).

      I am sorry, but if you call us every other day and remind us through whatsapp messages, facebook messages, emails, SMSs and other communication means known to modern mankind it will do little towards progress on this front.

  14. Harsha Sharma says:


    I want to do an internship under a law firm with stipend if possible..
    Please contact if there is any in Delhi as I am a resident of Delhi


  15. hi ,i want to join corporate lawyer in pune for practice can anyone plz help me.

  16. Am interstated part time job from Chandigarh

  17. Internship @ Senior Advocate
    H R Hans Chamber,
    Hisar (District Court): I Learnt
    How Empowering a District
    Court Intern:
    Institute of Law,
    delhi. Third Year.
    Name of the organization. City
    Sr.Advocate H R Hans Office,
    District Court, Hisar
    Duration of the internship
    15st July to 3rd Aug.
    How big was the office? Team strength?
    The office was decently sized, filled
    with wood furniture and books. even sir father is also a senior advocate who practice in bhiwani ..hansi nd hisar…he has a mild experience of 50 years..

    Separate sitting area was maintained
    for clients and junior
    advocates. Apart from me there was
    one more intern, seven other junior
    advocates, one clerk, one typist etc.
    Application procedure. Internship
    contact details
    I found the internship through a
    personal contact.
    Duration in weeks. No. of days/week.
    Exactly 3 weeks ; Second Saturday of
    the month was off, rest all Saturdays
    were working. I had to reach court
    by 9 sharp and had discretion to
    leave by 11 am or 12 pm. I also went
    in the evenings from 6-7 pm for case
    study and drafting.
    Accommodation: how, where, how was
    it was awsm….
    First impression. First day, formalities
    On the first day of the internship, I
    entered a court for the first time in my
    life (unbelievable but yes it was true).
    As I was about to enter, Mr. Hans
    saw that I came fully prepared with
    my black coat, handbag containing
    my notebook, water bottle and other
    usual stuff as I did not wanted to
    miss out on anything.
    Then the next thing Sir did was to
    ask me to leave everything in his
    cupboard and carry only one
    notebook and pen with me.
    As I proceeded to the courtrooms,
    Mr. Hans explained me that each
    courtroom deals with specific law like
    there was a family court, juvenile
    justice court and courtrooms dealing
    with cases under Section 138 of
    Negotiable Instrument Act (Cheque
    bounce) and crime against women.
    There were 15 courtrooms in all and
    they were present in such a pattern
    that one ends up in coming back to
    the first courtroom. Mr. Hans dealt
    only with civil suits and matrimonial
    On the very next day, a High Court
    Judge was coming, therefore
    preparations were been made in his
    honour and as a result there were
    hardly any hearing on that day and I
    was free by 10 am.
    A junior advocate took me on
    a tour of the court which included
    one library, common room,
    canteen and a huge hall full of
    notaries. I was introduced to other
    Junior advocates and was briefed on
    the cases going on in the court
    Hisar is in Haryana, in cas
    Main tasks (in detail)
    The first two weeks I was doing
    mundane tasks like reading case files
    thoroughly and making
    comprehensive paragraphs on the
    cases I witnessed and read.
    Mr. Hans was one of the best
    advocates in the court with amazing
    drafting skills a nd therefore every
    evening I use to go to his office to
    learn the same.
    That along with research, going to
    court daily and watching the
    proceedings, making notes etc.
    formed the majority of my work. I
    also got the opportunity to sit in
    cross examination sessions and
    gained some insight regarding the
    way it is conducted etc.
    Work environment, people
    The work environment was decent.
    There is a huge degree of flexibility in
    the working hours and work given as
    well. This can be a pro as well as
    well as a con since nobody cares
    whether you have work or not and
    how much effort you’re putting in.
    I was allowed to leave court any time
    and had discretion to come in the
    evening also. But since the
    knowledge and interest in the cases
    was never ending, I chose to avail
    each part of it.
    Though Mr. Hans had told me not to
    ask any questions from him during
    internship and only observe him, he
    himself used to call us and brief us
    on the case and mannerism to be
    adopted in the court.
    Co-intern and junior advocates were
    very helpful in clearing doubts as I
    was the junior most in the lot.
    Best things? (Nothing is all bad)
    The best thing of this internship was
    my visit to Women Aid Cell on the last
    day where poor and helpless women
    got free legal advice from police and
    advocates appointed by government.
    Each story was more shaking and
    mind boggling than the other. It
    demonstrated plight of poor Indian
    women who were victim of some
    kind of violence but were afraid to
    report the same.
    Apart from serious business, there
    were fun times as well, quite
    hilarious actually. This was one
    ritual which had to be adhered to
    like a routine.
    Mr. Hans used to walk in front and
    behind him there were 5 junior
    advocates and I was behind them
    with my fellow intern who joined me
    in the third week.
    The moment still gives me a spine
    chilling feeling when we all had to
    enter Chief Judicial Magistrate’s
    office at one time which was less
    than 10 foot big.
    One day, since my fellow intern did
    not turn up in uniform, to our
    surprise, she was mistaken for an
    accused by one of the judges. Then
    one day we were sitting in an
    advocates’ chamber, she offered us
    tea, ladoos and patties as a special
    treat to the interns.
    Bad things? (Nothing is all good)
    During the initial days, I was bit lost
    as I was a new face in the court and
    I was asked if I was a fresher. Then I
    all used to do was to follow Mr.
    Hans everywhere and during lunch
    time sit in library with one day old
    The fact that the cases were real in
    nature apart from what we get as
    moot problems, made me a bit sad
    seeing the reality at ground level.
    Firstly, knowing the fact that each
    case is taking minimum two to three
    years for its first hearing.
    Secondly, even though one can make
    out that one party is guilty but the
    law doesn’t support the victim and
    hence justice is way too far to be
    Stipend/ month
    No stipend. Some things in life are
    Biggest lessons
    Making law your sole weapon.
    From this internship, I have come to
    a conclusion that the laws made in
    this country are more in favour of
    the guilty than of those who suffer.

  18. Respected sir/madam,
    Please kindly send me previous years question papers of BCI exam & sample papers also on my email id. would be very thankful for your kind act. Your help is very much needed.

  19. really want to do


    sir; i would like to know the integrated p.hd law offering colleges in india

  21. Shabharish Mitta says:

    Hi Guys

    Students Beware :

    Usha Jagannath Law Series : Last Minute Preparation Material ( Fraud) : Company Law for June 2013 Kslu Exams

    I enquired, reconfirmed with them about the Company Law Material it is with the New Companies Act 2013. They confirmed on that. Even the book which they sent me says so.

    Shockingly every unit in the material quotes the earlier act and sections, even the content.

    When I approached the author, he apologised saying sorry for the error.

    It was not an error, it’s a gross fraud to make money before the exams.

    I hope they have the moral responsibility to inform the students who bought the material to refrain from reading it.

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