RESULTS: Law, Love Aur   Law Students: The Valentine’s Day Blog Competition [SPONSORS: Law Pundits, Law Suits and More]

UPDATE [24th February, 11.10 PM].

Thank you everyone who wrote to us! We love you!

A small announcement, first up: After publishing the first few entries, we decided only to publish the extremely well-written entries, the ones which jumped out of the page (because of the number of entries we got, we had to make this call).

In case you think you wrote a gem of a piece and we haven’t published it please reply back to the email you sent. We’ll be happy reconsider your entry and arrange for equivalent prizes.

Now, let no one tell you that your love or writing do not deserve a prize. But well, we have to make a decision, and here it is:

1st Prize: The moot court memo defending the nice, friend-zoned guys. Pure wow-ness by Nitin Gaurav Srivastava! See here.

2nd Prize: What a ‘hindi’ literary talent this girl Shraddha Upadhyay is! See here.

3rd Prize: The anonymous entry that ‘came out’. 🙂 See here.

We’ll be contacting the winners soon. Congratulations, guys! 

And finally, a big thank you to our sponsors for this competition: Law Pundits and Law Suits & More.

Lawctopus is organizing a blogging competition for law students who are in love, had been in love, or are planning to be in love or have been anywhere around that.

Have you had a crush on someone? Write about it!

Dates? Good for you. Write.

In love? Wow. Write.

Unrequited love? Aww. Write, still.

Or throw in a mix of law and love?

Things didn’t go as planned? Writing is catharsis!

Planning to get married soon? Tell us about your story.

Have tips on dating, love, relationships, attraction etc.? Send them to us!

Female, male, transgender, trans-sexual, lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual; write about gender and law and sex and law. Even short academic essays are welcome.

Give the writer, lawyer, feminist, masculinist and the lover in you a go.

Share lover letters, date experiences, write-ups, stories, photos, art, poems; anything! These should be original, of course!

Anything about love you’ve experienced or imagined in law school, write about it! 

law love

To participate you must be a law student/law graduate in any part of the world.

The deadline is February 15th.

So yes, you can write about your February 14th stories as well.

There’s no word limit.

Co-authorship is allowed.

Multiple entries are allowed.

Entries should not have been previously published anywhere online. (If it’s on your personal blog, that’s fine)!

We have the right to change the terms and conditions of the competition.

Send your entries to [email protected] with the subject ‘Love’.

If you want to be anonymous, please mention ‘ANONYMOUS’ in caps in the subject. It should read: Love ANONYMOUS.

Your email should be accompanied by these details: Your name, name of your college, year of study, phone number. All of these details will be kept confidential.

All the good entries will be published. The best ones get prizes (cash + goodies).


online legal courses, law pundits online law coursesLaw Pundits has agreed to give any one of their online courses to the top 3 entries.

Check out their courses here.

With their highest priced course worth Rs. 18,000, that’s 54,000 for our love-ly prize winners.

law suits and more

Law Suits and More is giving away:
1st Prize: Pair of Cushions: ‘Be Lawfully Mine’ worth Rs. 2500
2nd Runner up: Rotating Paper Weight worth Rs. INR. 2000
3rd Runner up: Set of Coasters (4), World’s Greatest Lawyer: worth Rs. 500

More prizes might still be announced soon. We are waiting for some others to respond.

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  1. Aneemoyous says:

    Good results but how come no mention of 4th price

  2. Dear Kaliaji,

    I know you have been busy. Offering Lawctopus as a forum for students from various institutions to express their support to the oppressed JNUites is undoubtedly commendably!

    But I hope you have not forgotten this competition!! If you don’t do what you ordinarily do and devote all your time responding to the govt (be it in support or be it in protest), it means that you have allowed the govt to set the agenda for your life and actions. Don’t let this happen! Keep protesting but keep doing lawctopus things too!

    Are you going to publish more entires apart from the one that have been published already? andd… kab aayenge results???

    • Siddhesh Jain says:

      Results always take time, considering the load of emails and news that they publish it’s fair we all wait for the results. Amazing how you can blame them. Instead we all should thank them they have doing all they can. I cannot even imagine what my law life would have been without their internship experiences and legal stay tight.

    • administrator says:

      Dear Scooter,

      1. Lawctopus is a forum available to ‘all’ law students. Side note: No educational institute I know of has released any statement against JNU students.

      2. We’ve been publishing a lot of posts of late, so rest assured that Lawctopus is doing fine, dearie.

      3. All the good/publishable entries have been published.

      4. Results bhi aa gaye hain.

      Khush ki koi aur seva karein aapki?

  3. When’s the result!?

  4. When will the results be out?

  5. sir, domain address is wrong,,, i am unable to send you…..what iscorrect email address

  6. Siddhesh Jain says:

    sir i have sent it in the email body does it need attachment also?

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