Legal Jobs in India | Law Jobs in India: Recruit Quality Young Lawyers

Where to go if you are thinking of posting law/legal jobs in India?

The answer to many of your law recruiting/legal recruiting questions is Lawctopus!

Lawctopus is India’s most popular and trusted website for law students.

We reach to 1,10,000+ readers every month generating 8,00,000+ pageviews in that time.

Lawctopus also has a team of 165 college managers spread across 85 top law schools/colleges in India.

We have college managers in all 15 National Law Universities in India.

In case you are a lawyer looking to hire a junior, a law firm looking to hire an associate, an NGO looking to fill a legal position or even a niche law firm looking to fill a highly specialized position, you’ll find a solution with Lawctopus.

See some of the published legal job posts HERE.

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We have a team college managers across 75 law colleges including all 15 NLUs! 


How to post a law/legal job position on Lawctopus?

It’s as easy as it can get! Just send in the job description to [email protected]
Or you can fill up the form HERE.

After verifying the details, the job description will be published on the website.

The job position will be also shared on our Facebook Page (with 27,500+ connected law students) and with our email list (of 18,000+ people).

More importantly, the job position will be spread around via our network of college managers on their Facebook profiles and with their alumni network.

See our list of college managers HERE.

Lawctopus is best suited for law jobs in India that require young lawyers/recent graduates.

For any legal job position requiring more than 6 years of experience, we’ll not be the right portal.

For every other requirement, we are confident of getting a large number of quality applications for any type of legal jobs in India!

Contact us for your legal recruitment needs: +91 9711850703; [email protected] (Tanuj Kalia | Linkedin Profile)

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  1. silambarasan says:

    Hi…This is SILAMBARASAN., i have completed LL.B, i’m looking jobs in legal/law service. Please help me in getting a job in a law firm.

  2. Sir, I am an advocate and I would like to work at Delhi NCR . if you have any requirement please inform me. Thanking you.

  3. sunil mohapatra says:

    please call me now for law job

  4. anonymouse says:

    The comments in this is all the proof you need to go to a National Law School. Ugh “NLU”? Wonder which twerp came up with that. If your CLAT score is the same as your single-digit IQ, which it is ahem, you can’t make a compelling argument for why the National Law School system is flawed or why it isn’t the best. Idiots.

  5. I see so much jealousy against nlus

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. True Speaker says:

    Tanuj & Co. Why you guys think that NLUs are the only best law school in India..?? Do you think NLUs students stands anywhere in front of BHU, DU, Alld. University, Lucknow University, AMU, etc..??
    NLUs stands no where in front of these traditional universities but inspite of that you never recognize these university and claiming yourself to be transparent. No, Not at all.
    Grow up man, only having 6lac package in law firm doesn’t make you expert in law.

    • Mustafa Zaidi says:

      Friend I don’t know about DU but rest other universities mentioned by you are just not the place to study law if u r serious for your career in Corporate or at good law firms.
      I am a student of Lucknow University and I invite you to please visit LU just once and you will thank God that u never went to LU to get your degree in Law.
      No workshops, no quality moots or debates no MUN’s or paper writings and most importantly Placement and Internship Committee is there just for the recommendations for internships, no campus placements nothing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I agree nlu are much hyped then what they actually are.
    Even private recruiters uses the term “only nlu student”

  9. Curious says:

    P.S. I definitely am a Lawctopus follower and really appreciate the efforts and work done by your team. But this is something which I did not find justified, that is why I just commented and expressed what I felt.

  10. Curious says:

    I do not understand as to why Lawctopus is so much obsessed with NLUs and non-NLUs. At first place, when they come up with the law school ranking, they say that the college u study in hardly matters, because it is ultimately your efforts and your capability on which you will be judged. While simultaneously, while seeking job-posts like the one above, they SPECIFICALLY mentions that the ” Lawctopus also has a team of 80+ college managers spread across 50 top law schools.” “WE HAVE COLLEGE MANAGERS IN ALL 15 NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITIES IN INDIA”. Now, what the crap does this signify?
    Tanuj..I think you seriously require to be more focused and should not change your statements this way.

    You are actually provoking and acknowledging the fact that except for NLU students, every other student is a frigging little piece of waste………………………………………………..


    U are an NLU Obsessed person I must say..

    • administrator says:

      1. What’s wrong in saying that we have college managers in all 15 NLUs?

      2. And how do you think this benign statement is my ‘admission’ that non NLU students a a ‘firigging little piece of waste’?

      • Curious says:

        1. You are discriminating..Why highlight specifically the NLU students?

        2. Specifically mentioning the NLU campus managers clearly implies that other law students are not at all important

        • administrator says:

          1. I think the fact that we cover all NLUs is worth high-lighting.

          2. How does mentioning NLU campus managers imply that other law students at not at all important? It just implies that we cover all NLUs!

          • Curious says:

            1. It implies that for ATLEAST you, NLUs are important. Instead of highlighting law schools as a whole..U just mentioned covering all NLUs..THIS IS BIASNESS
            U have campus managers from all the colleges..but SPECIAL ATTENTION is given to NLU campus managers..GREAT GOING (Hats off!)

            2. Instead of implying all NLUs, your posts should be such which implies covering most Law schools..

          • administrator says:

            Yes, NLUs are important, of course.

            It’s not bias-ness. We are just mentioning a fact. That we have all 15 NLUs covered.

          • Curious says:

            By important I meant, MORE important…
            As if the students out there are the only ones who works hard and studies well..
            U could have been general in your statement instead of being specific.

            Anyways, there ain’t any point of carrying on the discussion, since you are still not able to justify your act also I believe your point of view will definitely not change, SINCE U ARE AN NLU STUDENT..So definitely u will carry that attitude.


            GOOD BYE!

    • #justsaying says:

      I agree to this one to a great extent!

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