Legal Internship Contact Details

Legal Internship Contact Details

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT copy paste all the email IDs and send your internship application to everyone mentioned here. 

Your internship application will SURELY end as trash.

Apply to 4-5 organisations where you are KEEN to intern at.

Do your research on the organisations and apply accordingly.

If you want to read internship experiences at some these organisations, please see this link. -

Internship Contact Details: Law NGOs, Legal Research Organisations, Etc.

  1. iJustice (a public interest law firm): [email protected]
  2. Vidhi Center for Legal Policy: [email protected]
  3. Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore- [email protected] (Form:
  4. Software Freedom Law Center, New Delhi- [email protected] (Mamta Verma)
  5. PUCL, New Delhi- [email protected] (Mahi Pal Singh)
  6. PUCL, Jaipur- [email protected] (Pappu Kumawat), [email protected]
  7. Transparency International India, New Delhi- [email protected]
  8. Consumer Unity Trust Society, Jaipur- [email protected]
  9. Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy, Delhi- [email protected] (Vinod Bhanu)
  10. India Vision Foundation, NGO, Delhi- [email protected]
  11. Action Aid India, Kolkata- [email protected]
  12. HRLN, Ranchi- [email protected] (Ahmed Raza), [email protected]
  13. HRLN, Kolkata- [email protected]
  14. Yuva Unstoppable, Ahemedabad- [email protected]
  15. CARPED-Centre For Action Research and People’s Development, Hyderabad- [email protected] (M.Subash Chandra)
  16. A38, (Online Law Journal)- [email protected]
  17. Common Wealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), Delhi- [email protected]
  18. CHRI, Kolkata: [email protected]
  19. Bar and Bench, Bangalore- [email protected][email protected][email protected]
  20. Greenpeace, Bangalore: [email protected]
  21. Centre for Disability Studies, NALSAR, Hyderabad: [email protected]
  22. Navjyoti India Foundation, Gurgaon: [email protected]
  23. RLEK (Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra), Dehradun: [email protected]
  24. Centre for Public Policy, New Delhi-(
  25. PRS Legislative Research, New Delhi-(
  26. Observer Research Foundation-(
  27. Centre for Public Policy and Research, Cochin-(
  28. Takshashila Institution, Banglore-(
  29. Centre for Action Research and People’s Development, Hyderabad (CARPED)- [email protected]
  30. MARG Multiple Action: [email protected]
  31. HOPE Foundation, Kolkata: 033-2474-2904
  32. Kalpavriksh, Pune: [email protected]

Internship Contact Details: Law NGOs, Mumbai

  1. Majlis, Mumbai: [email protected], [email protected]
  2. International Justice Mission, Mumbai- [email protected] (Michelle Mendonca)
  3. CRY, Mumbai-

Internship Contact Details: Government Organisations

  1. Delhi Legal Service Authority- [email protected]
  2. National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Delhi- [email protected] (VP Singh)
  3. Legal Aid Services- West Bengal (NGO)- [email protected] ; [email protected] (Dr Satyajit Dasgupta)
  4. Central Information Commission, Delhi- [email protected] (Ishani Nayyar)
  5. NHRC, New Delhi- [email protected], Dalbir Rawat
  6. Punjab State Human Rights Commission (PSHRC): [email protected]
  7. Uttar Pradesh Human Rights Commission: [email protected]
  8. National Commission for Women, Delhi: Submit your CV and cover letter by post
  9. SBI Corporate Accounts Group, Kolkata: [email protected] (Mr. Mohan Mitra, Chief Manager, Learning and Development)
  10. TDSAT: The application form is here.
  11. Odisha State Commission for Protection of Child Rights: [email protected]

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT copy paste all the email IDs and send your internship application to everyone mentioned here. 

Your internship application will SURELY end as trash.

Apply to 4-5 organisations where you are KEEN to intern at.

Do your research on the organisations and apply accordingly.

Internship Contact Details: Lawyers

  1. Ram Jethmalani: [email protected]
  2. KK Venugopal: [email protected]
  3. Ms. Geeta Luthra, New Delhi- [email protected]
  4. Mr. V. Inbavijayan (Arbitrator), Chennai- [email protected]
  5. Jayant Bhushan- [email protected]
  6. Amarjeet Singh Chandhiok- [email protected] (Radhakrishnan)
  7. Mahesh Jethmalani, Mumbai: Sana Usman at [email protected]
  8. Vrinda Grover, Delhi- [email protected]
  9. K.T.S. Tulsi- [email protected]
  10. Rajan Narain: [email protected]
  11. Tamal Kanti Mukherjee, Kolkata (a renowned district court lawyer)- +91 – 9830042715
  12. Protik Prokash Banerji- [email protected]
  13. PP Rao: +(91)-9811152510
  14. C.S. Vaidyanathan (Senior Advocate) , Supreme Court: [email protected]
  15. Rajan Narain: [email protected]
  16. Satish Tamta, Criminal Lawyer, Delhi: [email protected]
  17. Geeta Luthra: [email protected]
  18. Parag P Tripathi:  [email protected]
  19. Madhav Khurana, Delhi: [email protected]

Internship Contact Details: Companies

  1. Legal League Consulting, New Delhi- [email protected] (Bithika Anand)
  2. Copyright Integrity International, Bangalore-
  3. FICCI (IPR Division), Delhi- [email protected]
  4. Lexis Nexis: [email protected]
  5. iPleaders, Delhi: [email protected]
  6. Indian National Bar Association: [email protected]

Internship Contact Details: LPOs

  1. SDD Global, Mysore- [email protected] (Vidya Devaiah, Manager)

Internship Contact Details: Law Firms (Delhi, Noida; NCR region)

  1. AZB, Noida: [email protected]
  2. Enviro Legal Defence Firm (ELDF), Noida-
  3. Luthra and Luthra, Delhi- [email protected] (Candice Rodrigues)
  4. JSA, Gurgaon- [email protected]
  5. Anand & Anand, Noida- [email protected] (Sangeeta , HR)
  6. FML, Noida- [email protected]
  7. Bhasin & Co, New Delhi- [email protected]
  8. M.N. Krishnamani, Delhi- [email protected], [email protected]  (S. Saptarishi)
  9. Ranjan & Co., Delhi- [email protected]  (Saud Khan)
  10. Pinnacle Legal LLP, Chandigarh- [email protected] (Mrs.Prakriti Nanda)
  11. Khaitan and Co., Delhi- [email protected] (Mr. Vivek Tripathi), [email protected]
  12. Vaish Associates, New Delhi- [email protected] (Vasudevan Nair)
  13. Gopakumar Nair Associates- [email protected]
  14. K & S Partners,Gurgaon- [email protected]
  15. Rajan Narain/Global Legal Associates- [email protected]
  16. Suri & Co., New Delhi- [email protected][email protected]
  17. Singhania & Parnters, Noida- [email protected]
  18. Intll Advocare, Delhi- [email protected] (Hemant Singh)
  19. Dua Associates, Delhi- [email protected] (Catherine Cardoza), [email protected]
  20. Kapoor & Co., Delhi: [email protected]
  21. BSK Legal, Delhi- [email protected]
  22. Majmudar & Partners- [email protected]
  23. PXV Law Partners- [email protected]
  24. Kaden Boriss- [email protected]
  25. Tatva Legal- [email protected]
  26. Knowledgentia Consultants, Delhi: [email protected]
  27. Malhotra & Malhotra, Chandigarh: [email protected]
  28. Kasliwal Chambers, Rajasthan: [email protected]
  29. Kochhar and Co., Delhi: [email protected][email protected]
  30. Kachwaha & Partners, Delhi: [email protected],
  31. International Investment and Law Consultants, Delhi :
  32. ABS Legal, Noida:
  33. I.G Associates, New Delhi:
  34. O.P Khaitan, Delhi:
  35. Phoenix Legal, Delhi:,
  36. Abacus Legal Group:
  37. Advani and Co., Delhi:
  38. Anand and Anand:
  39. ALMT Legal:
  40. Associated Law Advisers:
  41. Corporate Law Group:
  42. DSK Legal:
  43. Aegis Juris:
  44. Indo Juris:
  45. International Trade Law Consultants:
  46. Indus Law:
  47. AMC Law Firm:
  48. O.P. Khaitan & Co.:,
  49. Kanth Associates:
  50. Delhi Law Firm:
  51. KNM Partners:
  52. Singh Associates: , recruit@singhassociate
  53. 21st Century Law Firm: ,
  54. Clasis Law: ,
  55. Singhania & Co.:
  56. Alaya Legal Advocates:
  57. Agarwal Law Associates:
  58. Amarjit & Associates:
  59. BMR Legal:
  60. Archer & Angels:
  61. APJ SLG Law Offices:
  62. Chadha and Chadha:,
  63. Chadha & Co.:
  64. Brus Chambers:
  65. Chiramel & Co.: ,
  66. Fox Mandal:
  67. Dhir & Djir Associates:
  68. I.L.A. Parsich & Company:
  69. India Juris:
  70. India Law Services:
  71. J.M. Sharma & Co.:
  72. Jafa & Javali:
  73. JSA Law:
  74. K & S Partners:
  75. Jurisperitus Legal Offices:
  76. Karanjawala & Co.:
  77. Khaitan & Partners:,
  78. Khaitan Sud and Partners:
  79. Kochhar:
  80. King Stubb & Kasiva:
  81. Koura and Company:
  82.  Kolloth & Co.:
  83. Lall & Sethi:,
  84. Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan:
  85. Krishna and Saurashtri:
  86. Lex Counsel:
  87. Luthra and Luthra:
  88. Mason & Associates:
  89. Maheshwari & Co.:
  90. MNK Law Offices:,
  91. Obhan & Associates:
  92. Parker and Parker Co., LLP:
  93. PSA Legal Counselors:
  94. Prem Nath Rai and Associates:
  95. RK Dewan, Delhi:,
  96. Rajinder Narain & Co.:,
  97. S. Jalan & Co.:
  98. Scriboard:
  99. Seth and Dua:
  100. Titus and Co:
  101. TMT Law Practice:
  102. Vishwanathan & Co.:
  103. Walia & Co.:
  104. Ace Indian Legal Consultants:,
  105. Shr IPR Attorneys and Agents:
  106. Shad & Company:
  107. Trustman:
  108. Patent Maniac Consulting:
  109. Sun Tec India:,
  110. SGR J Associates:
  111. Worldwide IPR Services:
  112. Clairvolex KPP Ltd.:
  113. CREDO Corpolegal Solutions:,
  114. Vision KPO Solutions:
  115. Tatva Legal:,
  116. S. Majumdar & Co.:
  117. Mustafa and Alamana Associates:
  118. De Penning and Penning:
  119. DH Law Associates:
  120. Paras Kuhad and Associates:
  121. SN Gupta: 011 – 46175500
  122. Deepak Sabharwal:
  123. World Wide Intellec & Co.:
  124. Gnarus Partners, Delhi:
  125. Lex Juris, Delhi:
  126. KK Sharma and Co.:
  127. Vedanta Law Chambers, Jaipur:
  128. Wadia Ghandy, Delhi:
  129. Lawremedium, Delhi:

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT copy paste all the email IDs and send your internship application to everyone mentioned here. 

Your internship application will SURELY end as trash.

Apply to 4-5 organisations where you are KEEN to intern at.

Do your research on the organisations and apply accordingly.

Internship Contact Details: Law Firms (Mumbai, Pune)

  1. Luthra and Luthra Law Offices, Mumbai-, (Firoz Shaikh, Sonal Kaicker),,
  2. AZB, Mumbai-;,
  3. JSA, Bombay- (Wg. Cmr. Bamra);
  4. DSK Legal, Mumbai-,
  5. Kochhar and Co., Mumbai-;,
  6. Nishith Desai Associates, Mumbai-;,,
  7. Krishna and Saurastri, Mumbai-
  8. Bharucha & Partners, Mumbai-
  9. Rajani Associates, Mumbai- ;
  10. Vaish Law Associates, Mumbai-;
  11. Little and Company,Mumbai-
  12. Khaitan and Co., Mumbai-
  13. Singhania & Partners, Mumbai- (Mr. Suneet Tyagi)
  14. Gandhi and Associates, Mumbai-
  15. Krishan and Saurastri Associates, Mumbai- (Anshu Srivastava)
  16. Crawford Bayley & Co, Mumbai- (Sanjay Asher)
  17. ARA Law, Mumbai-,
  18. Advani and Co., Mumbai-
  19. Kale and Shinde Associates, Pune-
  20. Oasis Counsel and Advisory, Mumbai-
  21. EduLegal, Pune:
  22. Solomon & Company Advocates and Solicitors, Mumbai: (Blaise Cutinho)
  23. Wadia Ghandy & Co. (Mumbai) –
  24. S.P. Anand & Co., Pune- (Mr. Indra Arya)
  25. Deven Dwarkadas & Partners, Mumbai:
  26. Hariani & Co (Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata).:
  27. Fortitude Law, Mumbai:
  28. Neolegal Associates (IP Law Firm), Mumbai:;
  29. ALMT Legal-
  30. Amarchand Mangaldas & Suresh & Shroff & Co. -
  31. Anand & Anand -
  32. Bose & Mitra & Co.-,,
  33. Brus & Chambers-,
  34. Clasis Law-,
  35. Dave & Girish & Co.-
  36. Chandrakant M. Joshi-
  37. De Penning & De Penning-
  38. DH Law Associates-
  39. DM Harish & Co.-,
  40. Desai Desai Carrimjee & Mulla-
  41. Desai & Chinoy-
  42. Dua Associates-
  43. Fox Mandal, Mumbai-
  44. Gagrats-
  45. Gopakumar G. Nair & Associates-
  46. Hariani & Co.-
  47. HSA Legal-
  48. Indian Law Services-
  49. Juris Corp-
  50. JSA Advocates and Solicitors-,
  51. Kachwaha & Partners-
  52. Kanga & Company-,
  53. Krishna & Saurashtri-
  54. Krishnamurthy & Co.-
  55. Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan-
  56. Little & Co.-
  57. Mallar Law Associates-
  58. Manilal Kher Ambalal & Co.-
  59. MDP Partners-
  60. Mulla & Mulla, Craigie Blunt Caroe-,
  61. Mkono & Co.-,
  62. MV Kini & Co.-,
  63. Naik & Naik Co.-
  64. MZM Legal-
  65. Paras Kuhad & Associates-,
  66. Phoenix Legal-,,
  67. RK Dewan & Co.-,
  68. Rajani Associates-,,
  69. Singhania & Co.-,
  70. S. Majumdar & Co.-,
  71. Singhania & Partners-,
  72. SK Srivastav & Co.-
  73. Solomon & Co.-
  74. Solomon & Roy-,
  75. Talwar Thakore and Associates-
  76. Tuli & Co.-
  77. Tyabji Dayabhai-
  78. Vaish Law Associates-,,
  79. Vigil Juris-
  80. Consulta Juris-
  81. Legal Eye Associates-,
  82. Pangea-
  83. Edgesys-
  84. Exactus Corporation Pvt. Ltd.-
  85. Innovar IP Consulting Group-,
  86. Inrea Solutions Pvt. Ltd. -
  87. Integreon-,
  88. KlexServe-
  89. Astrea Legal Associates LLP-

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT copy paste all the email IDs and send your internship application to everyone mentioned here. 

Your internship application will SURELY end as trash.

Apply to 4-5 organisations where you are KEEN to intern at.

Do your research on the organisations and apply accordingly.

Internship Contact Details: Law Firms (Kolkata)

  1. Meharia & Company, Solicitors and Advocates, Kolkata-
  2. Udwadia Udeshi & Argus Partners, Kolkata:
  3. Singhania & Co. , Kolkata –
  4. Meharia & Co. , Kolkata – (PR Executive)
  5. Khaitan and Co., Kolkata:

Internship Contact Details: Law Firms (South India)

  1. Krishna and Saurastri, Bangalore:; [Mr. Vinodkumar Kotabagi]
  2. Dua Associates, Chennai-
  3. K & S Partners, Bangalore- (Lingaraj Managuli, Manager,HR)
  4. Just Law, Bangalore-; (Sumana S. Naganand)
  5. Indus Law, Bangalore-
  6. Singhania and Co. LLP, Bangalore- (Snigdha Sharma)
  7. Selvam and Selvam, Chennai-
  8. Universal Legal, Chennai- (Kavita Vijay)
  9. LegalExcel, Advocates and Solicitors, Bangalore:
  10. Wadia Ghandy & Co. (Bangalore) –
  11. Jyoti Sagar Associates (Bangalore) –
  12. K Law, Bangalore- (Misha Gill)
  13. MMB Legal, Bangalore:
  14. Thiru and Thiru, Bangalore:
  15. Udwadia Udeshi and Argus Partners, Bangalore:
  16. LinkLegal Bangalore: Website link which is here
  17. Mento Associates, Bangalore:
  18. Kochhar and Co., Chennai:
  19. Mandgi Associates, Bangalore: 080-22266712
  20. Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan, Bangalore:
  21. Tempus Law Associates, Hyderabad:
  22. Anup S. Shah Law Firm :,,

Two requests:

  1. If you have contact details for some other NGO, lawyer, law firm etc., please share that in a comment. We’ll update this database then.
  2. If some email ID is not working or has been duplicated, please let us know by making a comment. Thank you!

A few more things:

  1. Some email IDs might be wrong or old. Sorry for that.
  2. Keep visiting this post for updates, additions, changes etc.
  3. In case you want to share a related document etc., please send that to

Thanks a lot for your time and effort. We hope this list grows and that applying for internships is no longer a pain for law students in India.

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT copy paste all the email IDs and send your internship application to everyone mentioned here. 

Your internship application will SURELY end as trash.

Apply to 4-5 organisations where you are KEEN to intern at.

Do your research on the organisations and apply accordingly.


Lastly, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Radhika Gulatee who accumulated the list of law firms in Mumbai and Delhi. The monstrously long list can be solely accredited to Radhika.

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  1. Hi…
    I, Adv Krinjal . S. Ahuja from K.C Law college looking for job opportunity in good Law firm at Mumbai.
    please any one can guide me out with any vacancy or opening in nay of the law firm or solicitor firm in mumbai.
    Please Please email me at:


  2. Times Music, Times tower, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Contact details:

  3. aditi diwakar says:

    I am aditi diwakar, student of L.L.B. second year from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I want to be a intern under a Lawyer ;a Law Firm; an NGO; or any organization i.e. public or pvt. in Bhopal.
    Kindly suggest me regarding this on my email id

  4. Chhagan Dewasi says:

    i m a student of s.s.jain subodh law college jaipur i want to intern with NGOs………

  5. i am student of symbiosis law school noida can anyone help me finding a running internship??

  6. Dipanshi Sharma says:

    plz tell me what should i do for internship ? Actually i wanna have internship in Bombay . So suggest me for that . Its very important for me.reply must……

  7. Anonymous says:

    is there any ngo in nagpur for internship in the first year?

  8. hi,
    Looking for the easiest part-time internship ever ? That too where you could work from home ?
    No CV, No Interview, No time-bound for work and a certificate in less than a week ?
    Umeed Initiative is looking for virtual interns to help promote their organization. The best applications get a chance to work with Umeed Initiative as long-term interns.
    Eligibility Criteria : None
    All interested applications are welcome.
    Drop an email at
    For details, visit

    i would like you to publish the organisation’s name and it’s contact details on this page of yours. it would be very grateful.

  9. i am a student of (hons) . can i work with a ngo.

  10. sayantani kundu says:

    i just passed my B.A LLB degree from Calcutta university. i want to gain more knowledge in law field to join NGO or LAW firm or LPO in kolkata. please give me suggestion

  11. IP Markets (IPR firm based in Hyderabad) for internship contact Mr.Vijay Kumar ph:9700029123

  12. geki ete says:

    could you please provide me some legal firm in guahati (assam) so that i can apply therein…?

  13. Please provide me the email id of Mr. Rebecca John, Senior Advocate, Delhi High Court.

  14. neelanjana says:

    a very fine law firm in bangalore ‘CRESTLAW PARTNETS’-

  15. Bhushan Joshi says:

    I am a 3rd year law student of MBA,LL.B from well known Law college.
    I want to do internship in Mumbai.
    Pls suggest me that where I can do it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Adv. Ravikesh K Sinha, Practising Advocate, Delhi High Court, Supreme Court of India, looks after matters on Mediation and Arbitration. Particularly is keen on nourishing new talents. Office at Dwarka, New Delhi.

  17. Alwyn Sebastian says:

    Tomy Sebastian Associates
    Senior Advocate, Bangalore

  18. Anonymous says:

    It is very unfortunate that none of the firms, lawyers even bother to reply. Despite having a decent CV, i fail to understand what is wrong. It is commendable that only Mr. Rajan Narain replies and is enthusiastic to take interns, rest all of them forget the phases that they might have also been through. Hats off to Mr. Rajan Narain.

    • administrator says:

      No ONE will reply to emails :)

      You have to call them up, again and again, smartly, so that they don’t get irritated

  19. ashwani pandey says:

    I am a 1st year law student of BA.,LL.B(hons.).i want to do internship in Jaipur.suggest me that where I can do it.

    • Soumyaa Verma says:

      Hi Ashwani,
      I believe being the first year an NGO internship should be best for you. In that case, nothing can be better than an internship at PUCL Jaipur. The contact has been provided in the list.

  20. Shaikh Umaima says:

    plz will u sort out the firms of pune and mumbai

  21. Tulika Singh Kushwaha says:

    I have completed my B.A.LLB( 5 yrs itegrated course ) in may 2014now m looking for a good job or intrnship in a NGO can you please suggest me or mail me good ngo name for job. I’ll be very thankful.

  22. Tanupriya says:

    Can anyone please help me with the contact details for internship at ICICI bank in Kolkata. Thank You

  23. Another very good place to intern in Calcutta is Victor Moses & Co. especially for those who have an interest in Dispute Resolution.

  24. Hey…could you please help for some good places to intern in punjab and chandigarh…
    Thank you

  25. Feby Francis says:


    I have appeared for CBSE Plus two exam under commerce stream. I am looking for some internship, matching to my profile. I will appreciate if you can kindly let me know, if anything in Delhi or NCR.



  26. Prafful Goyal says:

    I want to know about the internships available in Jaipur for 1st year students of 5-Year Integrated Law School.

  27. Dear sir,
    I have completed my BBL and now pursuing LLB and completed my 1st year 1st sem exams in 3 year course looking for internship in firm/ngo/organization/senior advocate/law firm in Hyderabad(A.P.) ,Bangalore(Karnataka),Chennai etc.,
    locations kindly give some contact details my e-mail ID is “” and my mobile No:8106194859

  28. Palak Pathak says:

    plz send me the info of NGO’s providing intership for 1st yr students of 5 yrs llb program….

  29. Respected Ma’am.
    I am a law student. I want to know how to apply for internship under Ram Jethmalani, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court. Please tell me the procedure or link through which I can apply.

  30. Deepshikha Bhattacharjee says:

    I am 3rd year student of B.A.LL.B ( 5 YEARS COURSE ) looking for internship in any law firms in Kolkata. Kindly give me some contact details as early as possible.

  31. Alwyn Sebastian says:

    Please update your list:
    TSA legal, church street, bangalore
    contact email id:

  32. provide internships for 1st year law students….?

  33. HRIDAY N. JOSHI says:

    I am Hriday N. Joshi, completed LL.B. course from Bhopal University, Bhopal and now applied for registration to Bar council of M.P. for practicing as Advocate after retired from Govt. services on 31/12/2013 as an class one officer, looking legal matters.
    My qualification is PGDM (Pers.Mgt.), M.Com.LL.B.
    Can I join to be an intern under Lawyer, a Law firm, an NGO or any organization in Delhi? Kindly suggest me regarding this on my email ID:, contact no. is 09826526064-Bhopal

  34. Hello
    I am Prem Singh Chauhan, student of L.L.B. First year from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I want to be a intern under a Lawyer ;a Law Firm; an NGO; or any organization i.e. public or pvt. in Bhopal.
    Kindly suggest me regarding this on my email id

  35. piyush jain says:

    I have just completed my ll.b 3 years course. Now i want to join a law firm or a lawyer for further training at guwahati,assam.

  36. I m lawyer.I won’t to work in lpo or ngo’s in pune.I m practising since last 2yr’s in civil litigations.if any vacancys avilable for me,plz contact to me.

  37. hey!! M 2yr ballb student..m wiling to get intern in any good ngo/ law firm / goverment oraganisation in bhopal!! Pls suggest me some!!! Thank uh!! Waiting for ur rply!! :) :)

  38. m a student of BA.LLb 2nd year looking for an internship in chennai in dis winters plz suggest..

  39. Sir i want the contact details of Mr. G.S.Singhvi (hon’bl judge of supreme court).
    Please provide me as if u can otherwise tell me how can i get it.
    Thank You.

  40. i have completed my llb in this year . i m searching for a legal firm or a supreme or high court lawyer in jaipur ( rajasthan ) ,i have no experience . pls guide me

    • Anonymous says:

      How the hell are you going to find a “Supreme” Court lawyer in Jaipur (Rajasthan) ?
      Are you serious you’ve completed your LLB? Doesn’t look like!

    • Annonymous says:

      How the hell are you going to find a “Supreme” Court lawyer at Jaipur (Rajasthan) ?
      Have you really passed your LLB? Doesn’t seem like!

  41. Has anybody interned at Ranjan & Company Delhi? Please share your experience!!!

  42. subhra karmakar says:

    Being a law student of calcutta university,4th year,i m looking for an internship kolkata..

  43. I am a final year LLB student and I want to do my first internship .. Pls suggest me the good places where i can do it with full help and support as i didnt have an experience with interning before.

  44. tanuja dhumal says:

    i am final year law student (three year course) from mumbai university. looking for the internship. suggest some contacts of law firm in mumbai only.

  45. I am 2nd year student of LLB (3year) . Any suggetion for internhip with lawyer specialising in TDSAT or CCI matters ?


  47. Mahesh Sapkal says:

    i”m 3rd year in BSLLLB 5 year course looking for internship in firm/ngo/organization/senior advocate/law firm in Pune ( Maharashtra)
    location kindly give some contact details as early as possible.

  48. Want to do intenship in Pune suggest me where i can do…

  49. Offering internship to law students for our LPO:

    Offering Paid Internship to final year law students in Netherlands (Dutch law schools) for the month of November 2013.
    Please apply :
    I can be reached @ 0141-3075785

  50. Can anyone have Email address of Justice S. B. Sinha ,Supreme Court of India,ND

  51. 3rd year BA LLB student searching for a decent law firm internship just to get a hang of how things work in corporate world please suggest.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can try for internship @chahal and Singhal law firm. It’s a law firm based in (Rohini) Delhi. It’s a new law firm and provides ther intern with a lot of work so they can get the hang of it.
      Contact them at +918053405408(Mr. Chahal)/+919671984569(Mr. Singhal)

  52. Anuj Tiwari says:

    Can i gate the contact and other information abut the Allahabad High Court practitioner lawyers for Internship purposes?

  53. I called to follow up on my application. The lady over the phone said they don’t offer internships. Is that the general reply firms dole out over the telephone or is that true?

  54. 72 – s majumdar is wrong sir
    the email id u have given is wroung

  55. kamlesh christi says:

    I am Advocate from Gujarat.I am practicing in court.since last 7 years in criminal.I would like to works with ngo, or org. or legal law firm, who is working among the poor people,prisoner, women, and etc..
    I am finding a good NGO, ORG. OR LAW FIRM, like this.
    If possible please tell me and help me.I have a heart for serve the people.

    • Snigdha Chandra says:

      you can apply in Navjyoti India Foundation. It is an NGO started by Dr. Kiran Bedi. Its main tasks are Women Empowerment, Child Education, Adult Education, Rural Development, Urban Development etc.
      For further details you can visit on

  56. vasudha singh says:

    Can a 1st year law student work under any NGO?

  57. i”m 2nd year in LLB 3 year course looking for internship in firm/ngo/organization/senior advocate/law firm in moradabad (up)
    location kindly give some contact details.

  58. Email id of Mr. P P Rao isn’t functional. Kindly provide for a functional id. Thanks.

  59. Can u please provide the details of Senior Advocates in Bombay whom to work with..preferably a tax lawyer.

  60. PP Rao contact detail is not working

  61. Ok, I wanted to ask about the caveat that has been given in the very beginning, “Do not apply everywhere and only in 4-5 organizations”, but “4-5 organizations” never respond. So, how does one go about applying then?

    • administrator says:

      Then you can apply to 4-5 other organisations. In case you don’t get through the 10 now either you are aiming to high or there is something wrong with how you are approaching things. Tip: till you haven’t called up the person in charge, you haven’t really applied.

  62. Updated Email id for Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative:

  63. Anand Jaiswal says:

    I want to learn some practical knowledge about the criminal litigation. I am pursuing a 5 year course in Jaipur. Please suggest me any lawyer or firm where I can learn that….
    thank u …


    It is a humble request from my end to please delete the Id and my id
    The reason being, the information provided in this website is being used by other websites and is thus going into wrong hands. I, personally have received some ‘not so decent’ emails!!

    I request all the students to please submit your cvs to the website itself.

  65. palak sharma says:

    Madhav Khurana, Trial Courts and High Court, Delhi , Criminal Litigation.
    Contact –

    • Hi I am a second year law student (5 years). I am very keen on learning various aspects of criminal law. I am from Delhi. I would like to know about Khurana Sir and at the same time would he take a 4th semester student under him as intern? Please help…
      Thank you.. :-)

    • Siddanki Rajeshwar says:

      Sir, shall i get your contact number…

  66. Mandar Bandabe says:

    I have completed LL.B degree (5 year ) in University of Mumbai as well as PG ADR Diploma and I want to join legal firm or NGO for intership so , plz suggest me

  67. I am a LLB ( 3 year ) student. Presently in my 3rd semester . I want to do an internship in delhi . Please suggest the best possible law firms for internship . I want to pursue corporate law

  68. Rajashree Tripathy says:

    Vodafone, Delhi:, this email id is not working . please replace with the correct one.

  69. hi.
    I have completed my Bls. now in 1st year Llb of Mumbai university. I want to do internship. can any one suggest?

  70. laxmikant pachauri says:

    I want to do an internship in delhi/noida region so plz Kindly suggest the best law firm in this regard.

  71. Santosh Ray says:

    SKR & Assiciates, a Kolkata based litigation law firm handling Corporate and Arbitration matters for various NBFC institutions looking for students who are willing to join.

    Please send resume to

  72. S/A/S Legal, Adocates& Consultants
    Cochin, Kerala
    Email Address for sending internship applications –

  73. AYUSH SINGH says:

    Consumers India, Delhi

  74. Sarita Choudhary says:

    I want to do an internship in Bhopal. Kindly suggest the best law firm in this regard.

  75. i m the student of ils pune.. i m in 2nd year wanted to have internship from view point of corporate sector plz suggest me some firms name in pune and mumbai region

  76. shalini bussa says:

    Hi, am 2nd yr law student can i know the best law firms where i can intern in hyderabad ??

  77. Anonymous says:

    Brain league IP Counsels-

  78. AskLegalMart Consultancy
    IPR & Compliance

  79. Anonymous says:

    Mrs Meera Bhatia,Senior Counsel for Union of India and Standing Counsel for Haryana Govt. Her email address is

  80. Tulika Upadhyay says:

    i am student of B.ALL.B(HONS.) 3 YEAR ,i want to do internship in Bangalore in a legal firm,pls suggest me any decent firm who take interns in winter break(december) as well………i’ll be very thankful…..

  81. Anonymous says:

    please suggest a law firm that deals with matrimonial law .

  82. SURAJIT SEN says:

    i have completed my B.Com , LL.B(3 yrs ) course in 2002 and thereafter, i practised before dist.courts as well as high court. Now I am working in a pvt. nbfc as in legal dept. Can i opt for cyberlaws & IPR courses which havew added value in other co. Further, can i work for LPO seek to work in MNC. advise.

  83. thanks a lot..
    I also wanted to write something similar but thought that there’s no point as it would aggravate my anger and disgust..
    sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t have pursued law..
    taking up a call centre job after graduation and then pursuing MBA after a few years from a mediocre college would have been better, which I earlier thought was the worst thing to do.. :-(

  84. abhi pratap says:

    want to internship in a law firm? mail ur cv at

  85. Anonymous says:

    NOMOS Law research, division of IndiaFin Technologies Ltd is looking for smart and energetic internees.

    Work profile – Head noting, books editing, international statute updation

    Eligibility – Flair for writing preferably with prior experience of writing.
    Just recent pass out, awaiting LLB final year results, or in final year.
    Pls attach samples of writings

    Payment – Attractive stipend

    Preference to candidates living in Noida, NCR

    contact –

    ph no. 0120-4324425, 4325424

  86. Gaurav Seth says:

    Unfortunately 98% of the contacts provided here don’t work. None of the firm will ever respond. At Least not in the way that our dear friends have provided (specially mailing your CV, with cover letter it never works blah blah blah …)Only two firms will reply. Dua associates and luthra & luthra. I applied 4 months prior to the date I wanted to join. I am a 4th year student with a decent CV. I have done enough moots, conferences, publication, online courses and what not. Finally I had to apply personally and clear the interview. So all those aspirants who think that you will get internship on the basis of merits I suggest you reconsider. And as far as 2nd yr and 3rd yr students are concerned don’t even bother applying for internship. I saw with my own eyes how arbitrarily they behave when they have few slots available. Only one thing works here “approach”. Rich lads are going to displace the talented students. Advocacy is the most corrupt institution and ironically I am forced to practice it. I request all the students on Lawctopus to stop posting “fake internship experiences” or at least those internship experiences which they have acquired through their so called “mamaji and chachaji.” And since I have absolutely no problem with criticism please do post comment-Your most welcome. But this is not going to change the truth for those 80% law students.

  87. Mr. Arka Prabha Pal says:

    I am a B.Com (Honours), LLB, CS Executive Programme (earlier CS Inter). I have working experience in a CA firm. Also I cleared Derivative Market & Capital Market Module of NCFM Courses. Right now I am looking for training in a law firm in Kolkata. Please advice.

  88. Sirs,
    I am a Law Graduate with almost 25 years of corporate experience with very little Legal experience. Out of passion for Law, I gave up my job and sought BCI’s approval to resume practice recently.

    As a novice in the field, I wish to join a Law Firm for initiating me into the Profession. I will be immensely thankful if some leads to Law Firms in Bangalore are provided where I can join and realise my cherished desire.

    Warm regards,

  89. Kaushik Chowdhury says:

    Hi, I am honors graduate from Calcutta University, PG Diploma in Human Resource Management from Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, currently pursuing 3 yrs LLB from Vidyasagar University. I am in 2nd year (3rd semester). I am in search of a good law firm, lawyer, NGO or any MNC where I can do internship. Please help.

  90. Internships and placement are available to qualifying law students/young lawyers at All India Reporter (P) Ltd Law Academy & Research Centre.

    • meenu chauhan says:

      hey guy…i m law (3year) final year student searching for intership in a law firm in mumbai …plz advic me good firm if possble

    • do they still provide internship….if yess then can you please share the contact details for the same…plzzz

  91. Anonymous says:

    can a student of 3rd year intern in human rights Commision ??


    I am 37 years old and i have completed LL.M in 2011.i want to do legal internship in south please offer me any of such opportunities.

  93. Bhagya Hegde says:

    I have just completed my 3rd year BLS/LLB (5years course). I want to do my articleship. Kindly let me know if there are any vacancies in any law firms of under any Solicitor where I can apply for the same.

    • NB Prasad says:

      BankDRT Delhi is offering 3 months internship for final year law students, followed by a job Offer. They offer stipend of Rs. 2500/- from 2nd month onwards. Compensation package is Rs. 1.5 Lacs p/a to 2.5 Lacs pa. Fully computerized hi-tec office. Apply only if you have very good command over English.

  94. firoz.I.shaikh says:

    I have complited myBLs. LLB (5year)from
    mumbai university
    seeking internship with bombay high
    court lawyer

  95. Anonymous says:

    can anyone post the internship contact details for Pravin H. Parekh & Co., New Delhi?

  96. deepzona tamang says:

    I have completed my BA.LLB in august 2012.I am in need of a Senior Advocate to train me in in the field of Law.If any one interested,please contact me 9711190569.

    Deepzona Tamang.
    Sector 28 Gurgaon,Haryana.

  97. Emails which have bounced back. please update:;

  98. Satendra Pratap Singh says:

    I want to know about internship in Jaipur or Delhi?

  99. i am from pune,have completed my 1st year of bsl ll.b , and i’m finding places to intern in pune ?

  100. i’m looking for a research based internship in Mumbai. please give me the details. help will be really appreciated !

  101. Santosh says:


    516, 10th A Cross,
    29th Main, Sector 1,
    HSR Layout, Bangalore – 560 034 /

  102. Fragrance says:

    I have answered &awaiting my 5th yr BLS LLB 10th semester exam results. I am interested in working/interning/ assisting lawyers under a law firm in MUMBAI that will pay me stipend. Kindly reach me via my email address if there is anything of relevance to meet my need.
    Thank you!

  103. priyanka kimothi says:

    iam student of llb 3rd year, i am searching for a law firm in dehradun.please let me know, if there is.
    thanking you.

  104. swapnal gunthey says:

    i am 1st llb ils student nd i need an law internship in pune
    plzz rpl soon

  105. Rajdeep Lahiri says:

    I am graduate (year 2012) in B.A., LL.B. from Calcutta University. I have done courses in IPR and Cyber Law, as well as in the financial segment. I would want to pursue my career around my expertise in Corporate Law, including IPR and maybe Cyber Law. Please suggest companies or Law firms where I really can apply, hoping to be imbibed into their staff list.

  106. Mitalee Mehta says:

    I have just finished my semester VI law examninations (3 years course) from the University if Mumbai after my Bcom. Currently seeking for an internship in Mumbai..

  107. RAHUL S. RAMEKE says:

    i have 3 years experience complete my LLB. stay in Mumbai
    plz provide the address of corporate sector also.

  108. arindam says:

    Luthra & Luthra (New Delhi) –

  109. LegalExcel, Advocates and Solicitors, Bangalore:
    please take out @
    there are two of them!
    the list is very useful

  110. akash srivastava says:

    I want to know about internship in lucknow?

  111. saanya bajaj says:

    Can i have the email ids of pepsico, coca cola, walt disney, fox studios. ill be really grateful.

  112. Ankit Sharma says:

    I want to know about internship in jaipur.

  113. looking to intern in bhopal . just completed my 1st year from NLIU,Bhopal

  114. Anwesha Saha says:

    1. Singhania & Co. , Kolkata –
    2. Meharia & Co. , Kolkata – (PR Executive)

  115. can anybody share dr experience in Wadiya ghandi mumbai..Do they pay stipend???

  116. santhosh kumar says:


    Myself interested in practice on immigration laws. Any law firms available in chennai ?

  117. hello everyone, i am looking for an internship. Right now i am studying in delhi university with BA hons Geography (2 sem). It would be a great help if you guys suggest me some good NGO’s or any other source in which i can work as a intern. It will be better if its related to geography. Thankyou!

  118. Maya Ramesh says:

    Thank you so much for this. Great effort! Much appreciated.

  119. Contact details of Lex Chambers, a delhi based law firm — (Rahul Dhawan, Senior Partner)

  120. hey! anybody interned in maheshwari and co. Delhi based law firm? how is it? plz share your experience !!

  121. Manzoor Elahi says:

    W.S.Kane and Co.
    Advocates, Solicitors and Notary,
    6th Floor, Merchant Chamber,
    Opp. Patkar Hall,
    New Marine Lines,
    Mumbai 400020
    Ph – 91-22-66141411
    Fax – 91-22-66141415
    Email –

  122. hi, i am a fourth year student residing in gurgaon, i am interested in interning at delhi during the months of june-july. my fields of interest are criminology, juvenile, research/publishing. could u please suggest some firms or organisations where i may apply asap? thank you.

  123. deblina mukherjee says:

    i am a student of llb final year so i want to internship form those center which name is given above.i leave in kolkata’s center please contact contact no is 9333358195.

  124. Lexplosion (Calcutta) –

  125. Bose & Mitra & Co. (Mumbai)-

  126. Amarchand Mangaldass & Suresh & Shroff Co.(Delhi)-

  127. Pushpanjali Singh says:

    can u plz post list of online internships for law students in month of may and June 2013.

  128. Anonymous says:

    I want to know about internship in Delhi or Chandigarh

  129. I would like to know about internships in Kerala…Please do reply a reputed firm..

  130. Preeti Dambre says:

    I am B.L.S.L.L.B final year student from Mumbai. I am desperately searching good and reliable for long term jobs in Law Firms(Mumbai) willing to join as soon as exams are over. Please provide me as much as good and reliable Law Firms.
    Thank you

  131. Hi, am 2nd yr law student can i know the best law firms where i can intern in hyderabad ??

  132. I ve completed my ll.b any job opportunities in Chandigarh,Pkl ,Mohali.please guide

  133. Md Faisal says:

    am a first year BA (Criminolgy), LLB (Hons) student, just completed my first semester… anyone please suggest me the internship opportunities suitable for me…

  134. SYED KAMRAN says:

    hey I am a 2nd year student in Invertis University bareilly(UP)
    plz suggest me where should i intern in criminalogy under any eminent Lawyer or Law Firm In Delhi

  135. hey, can a 1st year student of BA.LLB do internship finishing only her 1st sem…?

  136. Rajeev Singh says:

    I am in 4th yr doing B.A.LLB from New Law College Pune.
    I want to intern or trainee so Please advise me


  137. Neha Garg says:

    I am doing BA.LLB (2nd year). Am i eligible for internship in any law firm..?

  138. Rachita Taneja – (Online activist co-ordinator).
    Usha Saxena – for North & East Zone (Delhi, NCR, Chandigarh, Kolkata).
    Ruth D’Costa – for West Zone (Mumbai, Pune, rest of West India).
    Shiva Sharma – for South Zone (Bangalore, Cochin, Hyderabad, rest of South India).

  139. sheikh mohammad ashif says:

    i am student of bharti vidyapeeth new law college and studying in 4th year and i want to do internship so please tell me how can i apply for internship

  140. shashank kasliwal says:

    kasliwal chambers , jaipur (biggest in Rajasthan)

  141. BORNALI SARMAH says:

    I am a lawyer having 3 years experience…I am looking job in your law firm

  142. vineeta patel says:

    I’m doing 2nd year llb from government law college Mumbai. Have done company secretary course and want to join legal firm for my internship if there’s any vacancy than plz do let me know.

    Thank you.

  143. Rajneesh Kumar Shukla says:

    I am a final year law student and i want to join some organisation/NGO/society. kindly guide me

  144. Wadia Ghandy & Co. (Mumbai) –
    Wadia Ghandy & Co. (Bangalore) –
    Jyoti Sagar Associates (Bangalore) –

  145. P.P. Rao (Senior Advocate), Supreme Court
    Mail id-

  146. C.S. Vaidyanathan (Senior Advocate) , Supreme Court
    Mail id-

  147. Udwadia Udeshi & Argus Partners, Kolkata:
    Alternative email for JSA Bombay:

    If you guys can provide the contact details of ICICI Bank (corporate legal department), Bombay, it would be great. The ones posted on most sites are defunct.

  148. K Law is open to interns from the 4th and 5th Years of law school. Candidates may apply to (Mrs. Geetha Manickam). Applicants should specify the office (Mumbai/Bangalore) for which they are applying for.

    Contact Details for Bangalore : 080 – 4175 7500
    Contact Details for Mumbai : 022 – 6749 2595

  149. sir , m pursuing my integrated law n m in 4th year n willing to work as an intern under u . so plzz inform me if there is any vacancy for me at

  150. kartik sonkhiya says:

    Sir ,
    I am in 2th yr doing B.A.LLB from UPES Dehardun. I am willing to get interned in IPR FIRM as a intern or trainee .
    if given an opportunity can continue the same for longer period say 2 months.
    Please advise.and if any one can be directly contacted let me know.

  151. HI,
    I am in 2th yr doing B.A.LLB from Jiwaji University. I am willing to get intern or trainee .
    Please advise.and if any one can be directly contacted let me know.
    Satendra Pratap Singh

  152. Anilesh Tewari says:

    Alexis Society

    Alexis Foundation

    Alexis Centre for Public Policy and International Relations

    Alexis Centre for Study and Research in Law

  153. JITESH KOHLI says:

    I am in 4th yr doing B.A.LLB from Lloyd law college G.Noida. I am willing to get interned in lpo as a intern or trainee .
    if given an opportunity can continew the same for longer period say 2-6 months.
    Please advise.and if any one can be directly contacted let me know.
    Jitesh Kohli

  154. Vaibhav Kumar says:

    Following two email ids are not working:
    a) Bhasin & Co, New Delhi-
    b) FML, Noida-

  155. AINDRILA PAL says:

    i m a student of Lords universal college of Law ,mumbai,(BLS.2ND year lV sem) .i want to know that when wil be the next internship session in this year.when can i apply? i am looking for internship in mumbai. so plz suggest me.

    Thanks & Regards
    Aindrila pal

  156. Altamas Rein, Advocate in new Delhi has passed away.

    I am a lawyer in the Supreme Court and run a law firm at New Delhi.
    I studied LLB (Hon). at Campus Law Center, Delhi University from 1985 – 1988. I take interns (
    Rajan Narain

  157. Where is the email ID of PEPSICO under the COMPANIES head…it was there up till yesterday? Please provide it, i need it.

  158. Tatva Legal,

  159. K.P Pathak, additional solicitor general, id- “KP Pathak” ,

  160. Arindam Bhattacharjee says:

    Kale and Shinde Associates, Pune

  161. The contact details P.D.Himatsingka &Co.(Kolkata) is incorrect. The email address belongs to me and which has led many students to send their resume to me. Kindly correct.

  162. simnel2105 says:

    when will be the next session of internship this year?when can i apply?i am looking for legal internships in bangalore..can you suggest anything?

  163. Wadia Ghandy & Co., Mumbai (Recruitment partner Bindi Dave’s secretary)

  164. Majmudar & Partners:

    PXV Law Partners:

    Kaden Boriss:

  165. Hi,
    I applied to FML Kolkata mail id They haven’t replied yet. I guess they reply only after you send tons of mails as the mails can go unread. I hope it is the right mail id.

    Do they have any other mail id? Or should we mail the above id only? Hope to get a reply soon. Fox and Mandal rocks!

  166. Thanks :)

  167. regret for above, the correct mail id is -

  168. Harish Malik says:

    For Ms. Geeta Luthra Senior Adv.
    and Please mail 3 months in advance for which period you want Internship.

  169. For Gandhi & Associates mail id is now :

  170. Niyati Jigyas says:

    K & S Partners,Gurgaon

    Luthra & Luthra,Delhi- As per my knowledge now the Hr dept is handled by Candice Rodrigues. Her email id is

    JSA Gurgaon

    FICCI,Delhi[IPR dept]

  171. AZB and Khaitan id provided here is invalid.

  172. Nayantara says:

    You guys are the best!!!

  173. A38 –

  174. Anand & Anand, Noida
    Id: (Sangeeta , HR)

  175. G.Papi Reddy says:

    ____ is a full service Law Firm based in Bangalore, having associates in various metropolitan cities of India. The Firm is relatively new, having been founded in 1976. In this span of 38 years, the firm has earned it’s name in the Domestic including in Supreme Court. The Firm is professionally managed by ____ who has over 38 years of professional experience in Advocacy and is acknowledged in the field of Civil and Criminal litigations.

  176. intern oppurtunity at greenpeace ngo which even provide stipend

  177. Selvam and Selvam, Chennai – Mr.Navarre Roy –

  178. Tapesh Jain says:

    plz provide the address of corporate sector also.

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