JOB POST: Lawctopus is Recruiting a Full-Time Content Editor-Cum-Entrepreneurial All Rounder: NCR Based, Apply by Aug 27

We bought the domain name on 6th September 2010! Its been an exciting journey till now with lots of twists and turns, highs and lows. Lawctopus is now read by 1,25,000 unique readers every month generating 6,50,000+ page-views in that time.

A large chunk of our readers are ‘regular & happy’ readers and it’s no surprise then, that our advertisers are ‘regular & happy’ too.

Lawctopus plans to expand now with more content, features and better design and technology. We are working with the mission to create a hugely popular, useful, fun, creative and educative online platform for law students. And we are hiring!

We need someone who has perfect English language writing skills, someone who is entrepreneurial, who is interested in working in the online publishing industry and someone who is happy to do the small tasks and confident enough to take on the BIG challenges.


Formatting: Internship experiences and opportunities sections (90% of our content) involves formatting work only. This is to ensure that content displayed on Lawctopus is beautiful and easy on the eye! This will form a large chunk of your work and is repetitive and boring.

Editing: Interviews, career pieces etc. require editing. We’ll increase this type of content in the coming days.

Reporting: Law school news requires you to talk to students, administration and any other stake-holder.

Business development

Small tasks: Invoice management, expense management, tracking sales and income, sending advertising proposals to clients.

Big tasks: Signing big deals with clients, ideating and implementing new business ideas consistent the with the idea and readership of Lawctopus.

Community management: Managing the college manager network.

You can expect to learn the ins and outs of running a web-based start-up!


Rs. 25,000 a month +  incentives. That can be an extra 5-10k.


Delhi/NCR based

NOTE: This is a full time position.


Graduate in law.

Pros and Cons

Lawctopus is young and growing and your potential to grow with it is limitless!

Flexi-time/work-from home (on some days).

You’ll be the only employee for now (other than Tanuj).

We work 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 366 in a a leap year.

Apply by Aug 27 using the form HERE.
We’ll contact the short-listed candidates by August 30.

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  1. Hi,

    Apologies for the delayed enquiry. Just wanted to know if you are still looking for a candidate.


  2. Vishnu Gopinath says:


    I’ve attached my contact number in the event that my college is unable to contact me.


    Vishnu Gopinath

  3. I did not understand one thing,how u people are going to notify the selected applicants becoz nowhere on the form it was asked to feed in any contact information.

    Sabi Ahmed

  4. I have filled the Lawctopus job application and the CGPA provided therein is out of 8.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello sir currently iam in 2nd year from llyod law college greater noida staying in delhi
    Sir I read ur job criteria and I think I don’t full fill all categories I don’t have any internship experience
    but iam good at studies in my college i also want to become entrepreneur and I have entrepreneurial mind i regulary read ur article and news on ur website and iam ur biggest fan when I read that u r offering job but iam not suitable for this job but I am willing to work for you as full time what should I do plzz tell me sir

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