JOB POSTS: Faculty of Law, Delhi University is Hiring 100 Teachers [YES! 100]: Apply by June 26

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100 law faculty and law teacher jobs at delhi university

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  1. Rajendran says:

    Hnlu’s batch strength is 200. So you’re slightly off the mark

  2. anonymous says:

    dont dare ever compare the legends with startups!!!!
    the dropouts of Delhi University are good enuf to head any nlu!!!!

    • Mr. Bindass says:

      Absolutely and unquestionably true. No matter what the controversies are, Campus Law Centre always remains at another parallel. Producing hard-core litigators, top notch judges and bureaucrats. I wish it doesn’t imbibe the firm culture which is so frantic and intense at NLU’s. We need institutions like CLC to produce advocates and not just employees of a firm/company.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s actually 2500 for one year for all the three batches combined.

  4. Parahoot says:

    I am surprised that the post is not accompanied by a sarcastic and completely uncalled for remark, regarding how the Faculty of Law was functioning before this.

    This is with reference to a previous post, regarding a hiring notification by HNLU.

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