Internship: Amarjeet Singh Chandhiok, Additional Solicitor General of India, New Delhi


Amarjeet Singh Chandhiok, Additional Solicitor General of India, High Court at New Delhi

By Anonymous

I am a third year student from NUJS Kolkata. At the end of my second year, I had done an internship at Mr. Amarjeet Singh Chandhiok’s office in New Delhi. It turned out to be a great experience for me. For those who want quality research work in a litigation based internship, this is one of the good places to be. [Though I’ve seen that they confirm internships very late, so you need to take chance].

Friendliness quotient: At Mr. Chandhiok’s office all the associates and staff were friendly with me.

Working hours: Well for the associates there isn’t any fixed time. They stay there till 3 in the morning and may have to go on Sunday’s as well. But the interns are usually left by 7:30 – 8pm. Same was the case with me. I was assigned a senior associate (Ritesh Sir) to work under by the ASG on the first day of my internship.

Kinds of work: Ritesh Sir was extremely nice towards me. He used to explain to me before handing down any research work. Adequate amount of time was always given to me for the legal research to be completed. On completion of the work, he used to go through it and pass his comments. [My areas of research inter alia were Constitutional law, Mines and Mineral laws, Administrative law, Contract law, Arbitration, etc.]

I used to go to Delhi High Court everyday (where almost the entire office used to be there because there are several cases listed for each day). At the Court, the main job as a legal intern was to observe the proceedings and help the associates in coordinating between different matters in different courts.

Usually I used to leave the Court by 4 pm to go to the office. The associates used to come back by 5 as well and then 2-3 hours of research work. Even if there was no research work for the following day, Sir used to give me case files to read. One day I even got a case brief to prepare [which is usually given to the junior associates].

Get Togethers: In the evening all the associates sit together to have snacks (yummy!) and the interns also used to sit along.

On days when the Courts were shut, Mr. Chandhiok used to have lunch together with the entire office and the interns. During the lunch he used to chit chat with the associates (who are always on their toes while he is around). Post lunch there used to be a conference with the associates to discuss the upcoming matters. The interns used to sit in this conference (sometimes it used to be long and boring as well).

Some bad work: At times I was also asked to arrange the books in the library (which was not a very great work to do) but it never used to take much time and I took it positively by having a look around the various journals and books that are available.

Facebook, youtube, etc. everything is blocked in the office computers! 😛

All in all it was a great internship. I totally recommend this place. Thumbs up!

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  1. chonbenthung humtsoe says:

    can anyone help me out and give your suggestion to do internship in the month of December in new delhi district or high court since I have been struggling from last year for an internship opportunity but still no idea since iam fresh law student…
    thank you…

  2. Can you please give me the contact information where i can apply?

  3. Can you please tell me the email id where i can apply for the internship?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Was there any stipend too>?

  5. hey, can u plz giv me d email id so that i cn apply.

  6. Pj, his office is in Defence Colony. There was enough room for interns.

  7. Hi
    Where was his office? Were their enough computers and room for interns..

  8. Should the application for internship be followed by phone calls or an email is enough?

  9. You can mail aditi khanna here [email protected] [dot] com. I interned long back. Hope shez still there.

  10. hey can you give an email address or any means to apply for internship at this place?

  11. or can u suggest me sum gud lawyers fr internship in chd…..m in 2nd year n havnt done internship wid anyone yet 🙁

  12. frm whr i can get his contact info?

  13. administrator says:

    No Bill, remuneration, stipend, etc. was not given.

  14. Were you given any remuneration?

  15. hey may i get the contact info of Mr. Mr. Amarjeet Singh Chandhiok for my internship

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