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Law College and Internship: Law College came with loads of surprises, discoveries, fun and ultimately tons of learning. I still remember the first catchword that I came across as a fresher in Law College – “Research”. That is to say you submerge and try finding for yourself something out of this vast ocean of Knowledge.

Gradually came in the element of Moot courts, Research papers, PPO’s and Internships. For an aspiring Counsel practitioner like me, internships have played a fundamental role in shaping my approach towards this field.

Having been fortunate enough to work with an eminent Advocate of the Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court after my First Year, who guided and directed me in every possible way, the quest for learning law and advocacy became more intense. Thus came in, the internship I waited for quite some time.  A two month long internship in a Law Firm at Mumbai named ALMT Legal.

ALMT Legal’s office is located at Express towers, Nariman Point, Mumbai. They have a wide range of expertise in various segments – Banking and Finance, Litigation, Corporate, Immigration, Transport and Infrastructure, Media and Telecommunication, etc. to mention a few.

The work: I worked in the litigation department till the time the courts went on the summer break and learned the approach of a law firm to the litigation sector. Unlike my previous experience where I could witness the proceedings only in the appellate court, at ALMT I got the opportunity of going to the lower courts as an observer.

Also, what enriched my experience was going to these courts with different associates of the firm. Keenly observing every individual’s working technique contributed to my learning and experience in a mammoth way.

The cordial relations maintained by the firm with clients and other advocates gave me a very basic insight into the levels of transparency adhered to by the firm.

Mumbai and the Learnings: During the time when the courts were on a break, I was introduced to the corporate and other related divisions. The comprehensive learning experience would have been incomplete without an orientation into the growth dynamics and challenges faced by these divisions.

Also looking back what I now greatly miss is Mumbai. The unlimited levels of learning and experience and wisdom that the city offers are definitely worth a mention. The long travelling hours, the unexpectedly warm outlook of the people made my stay memorable apart from the rich work experience.

Share your internship experiences with law students throughout India. Let us help each other make informed decisions about our internships. Make sure your internship experiences are genuine, personal and complete (include the good and the evil).

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  1. SHAWASHANKA says:

    Dude, this is the worlds worst write up on an internship.
    No thanks for this.

  2. Can you share the email? I want to apply!

  3. shivani naik says:

    I am wanting to do summer internship under ALMT legal, mumbai. so how do i apply for it?
    please reply me as soon as possible.

  4. Prateek Bhandari says:

    Dear Bill
    We have incorporated your suggestions. Following 27th October we will have write-ups with fixed format and fixed headings. For this we have created a structured form which is avialable here-

    Thanks 🙂

  5. administrator says:

    Sure Bill. Thank you for your comment. Will do asap! We are working on a neater structure for the website.

    The ‘Lawstruck’ section will be displayed on the extreme right.

    The ‘My internship’ column too will be sortable on the basis of ‘city’, ‘area of law’, ‘type of internship’ etc. Keep tuned!

  6. Dear Bill, thank you for the suggestion. We are working on it.

    Team Lawctopus

  7. I have been asking this question for quite some time on other internship write ups too. do they remunerate the interns?

    @Tanuj- Please have a set internship write up format with fixed headings. That will give clarity to the contributor as to what the reader expects to know.

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