HNLU’s NewsLetter Samvaad’s 5th Issue on Legal Internships [READ IT HERE]

First published on July 1, 2014.

Because it’s the internship season, we are republishing such articles! Hope you find it useful.

Samvaad’s Issue on Internships


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  1. E.S. Jagadeeshwar says:

    If the said journal is available in a pdf form many Lawyers and Law Students will download and read it.

    Majority of the young law students studying at district level are not aware of the opportunities available in Metors, State Capitals and in Delhi and also they don’t know the exact purview of an Advocate under various laws.

    We have to mould the society on how to utilize the hidden skills of talented youth and young or upcoming professionals. Trial Court Law practice is limited to mere Civil and Criminal Laws. They don’t know how to grow and even the HR depts. of big corporates don’t know how to select the suitable Lawyers.

  2. Terrible. I can see why the editors could only land HNLU when they took CLAT.

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