Gauri Pillai of NUJS Kolkata, Mary Kavita Dominic of NUALS Kochi & Vanshaj Jain of NLSIU Bangalore Win The Rhodes Scholarship

From NUJS’ Facebook Page:

Our heartiest congratulations to Ms. Gauri Pillai from the Batch of 2017 on being awarded the Rhodes Scholarship this year.

Rhodes Scholarships are among the most prestigious academic awards in the world. It is awarded to 5 students from India every year.

Gauri shall be the 3rd Rhodes Scholar from NUJS. We are proud to have her among us and wish her the very best for all future endeavours.

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NUALS Kochi:

Mary Kavita Dominic is the first student from NUALS Kochi to win the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.

From NLSIU’s Facebook Page:

Vanshaj Jain is the 25th Rhodes Scholar from NLSIU Bangalore.

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  1. Niyatha Rajeev says:

    what should be the academic score to avail it?


    I don’t understand the fanfare around winning a Rhodes Scholarship. No doubt it is prestigious yet such massive fanfare seems to me a bit unwarranted considering the history of Cecil Rhodes.

  3. Alisha pandey says:

    How to avail this scholarship or what r the prerequisites to avail it?

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