G.D. Goenka Moot Court Competition 2016 [March 11-13]: Cash Prizes of Rs. 2 Lakhs; Register by Nov 19

First published on 9th October, 2015.

G.D. Goenka University, School of Law, is organizing First Edition ‘G.D. Goenka Moot Court Competition’ from March 11-13, 2016.

The theme for the moot court proposition will be International Law focusing on Environmental Concerns.

Event Calendar

October 23, 2015 : Release of Moot Proposition

November 19, 2015 : Last Date for Registration

February 19, 2016 : Last Date for Submission of Memorial

March 11-13, 2016 : Moot Court Competition

Cash Prize

Winning Team : Rs. 1,00,000

Runner up Team : Rs. 60,000

Best Advocate: Rs. 20,000

Best Memorial : Rs. 20,000

& other prizes in kind

For any queries

Mr. Shashi Kant Yadav (faculty- incharge) [email protected] | +91-9711687363

For moot proposition, click HERE.

For registration, click HERE.

For further details, click HERE.

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  1. Hardik Gautam says:

    This is just to inform you all that please think twice before participating in the upcoming moots of this newly established college. We had participated in this moot but there was a grave injustice happened to us. The organizers are not ready to take the responsibilities for their own mistakes. They had send some clarification regarding the moot problem to all the 45 teams participated but our team didn’t get any mail about those clarification. I don’t know whether it was intentional or not but this is something which should not have happened. We have researched on those points which are already clarified in that clarification mail. And when raise this issue in front of the organizers then they were not paying any consideration to our concerns. We have tried our level best to convey our message to the Dean of the college but it was told by some staff member that “OUR DEAN IS BUSY IN HAVING HIS DINNER AND AFTER THAT HE WILL GO FOR THE CULTURAL NIGHT” so he cannot talk to you right now.
    After our prelims when we got to know that they have send some clarification which our team didn’t receive we had asked them to provide our marksheet so that we can see how judges have marked us but they didn’t show us our marks sheet.
    And the most important thing which I forgot to mention is that their criterion of giving marks of the memorial submitted is totally flawed. After the event over and when we got our Marks Sheet we saw that a team which got the best memorial award scored 100.5 out of 100 in the memorial from the side of applicant. How can be it be possible??? When we talk to the organizers then they told us that the maximum marks are increased from 100 to 105. But in the final score list the marks were given out of 200 i.e., 100 for Applicant and 100 for Respondent.
    It is my humble request to all who will participate in the upcoming moot of this college that guys please clarify each and every thing before going there. I don’t want that you will face the same which we have faced.

  2. is there a scope of preference being given to NLU in the competition ?

  3. sir may i know the reason for marks evaluation in semifinal rounds and knock out rounds for prelims?

  4. MOHD WAIZ says:

    Please tell me! what is the procedure of team selection?
    what is your Rule book for MOOT COURT COMPETETION?

  5. Plzz tell.me where is the university located .Also details abt registration fees n no of participants in the team

  6. Please inform where is the respected university located

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