DOWNLOAD Winning Team’s (Symbiosis Law School, Pune) Moot Memos: Surana and Surana South India National Trial Advocacy Competition (2013)

We sincerely thank Mr. Pranav Menon, Ms. Gayatri Pradhan and their team for providing us with the memos.

The Symbiosis Team won the Surana and Surana Trial Advocacy Moot Court Competition, 2013 (South India Rounds).

The also won the 3rd Best Memo award at this competition.

This competition was held at National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Cochin  in association with Surana and Surana International Attorneys, Chennai.

Moot: Surana and Surana Trial Advocacy Moot Court Competition, 2013 (South India Rounds)

Winning team:Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Speakers: Pranav Menon, Gayatri Pradhan

Researcher: Soumo Palit, Ameya Pant

Moot court problem

Memorial for the Defence [DOWNLOAD]

Memorial for the Prosecutio [DOWNLOAD]

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