DelTech Model United Nations 2015 [Jan 31-Feb 1]

DelTech Model United Nations 2015 is being organised by the Delhi Technological University, Delhi between 31st January – 1st February 2015.


1. UN General Assembly

Agenda: Minerals as a means of supporting Non-State Actors, with special reference to Africa

2. Economic & Social Council

Agenda: Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis

3. UN Security Council

Agenda: Russia – Ukraine Dispute (Historic) – Freeze Date: 14th March 2014

4. Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

Agenda: Instruments of Mutual Legal Assistance in the Light of Competing Sovereignty over ISIS operations.

5. National Development Council (India)

Agenda 1: Implementation of Rivers Interlinking Project

Agenda 2: Formulation of Comprehensive strategy to combat and address Naxalism

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Contact Person(s)

Praneeth Rao

Email: [email protected]

Abhilasha Saini

Email: [email protected]

Soumya Anand

Email: [email protected]


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