CPJCHS & SOL’s 1st Law Festical LOI FIESTA 2016 [April 5-7, Delhi]: Registration Open

CPJCHS & SOL's 1st Law Festical LOI FIESTA 2016

CPJCHS & SOL's 1st Law Festical LOI FIESTA 2016

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  1. I’m never visiting that college again! You people should learn the meaning of hospitality. How can you spread invitations being well cognizant of the fact that you don’t have enough funds? Even our intra-college Fests are better than your “LOI FIESTA”

  2. okay. soft copy submission is on 2nd. when is the last day submission for hard copy?

  3. If one wants to participate in a single competition then also we’ve to submit Rs. 5k and if in all of the events then also Rs. 5k. Isn’t this unfair and totally discourages the students !!

  4. What is the date for memo submission?

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