CLAT Results 2014 (Common Law Admission Test) [DOWNLOAD]

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is an all India entrance examination conducted on rotation by 14 National Law Universities (NLUs) for admissions to their under-graduate and post-graduate degree programmes (LL.B & LL.M.).

clat 2014 results, common law admission test

The results for CLAT 2014 have been announced.

Check the CLAT 2014 UG results HERE.

Check the CLAT 2014 PG results HERE.

Kaustubh Chaturvedi with a score of 161.25 is ranked 26th [He’s the highest ranker, we know of, for now]

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Comments Till Now

  1. I have been alloted nlu jodhpur in clat 1st allotment list.. is it a good nlu for llm ???

  2. air 456 clat 2015 llm is there any chance to get nlu….plzzz help??????????????????

  3. I have a rank of 745 in LLM, women rank 280+, what nlus I hope to get. kindly reply


  4. Amol Pandharkar says:

    sir my rank in clat 2015 is 1972 is there any chance of getting any nlu or nirma university

  5. Prashant says:

    do i get any nlu like ranchi, odisha, raipur or any lower nlus as my air is got 34 marks in clat ug.

  6. suyash bhatia says:

    My son AI rank is 2043 in CLAT,State rank UP is 378.

    Any chance of getting admission in RML Lucknow sir?

    Thanks in advence

  7. plzz ans my state(bihar) category rank is 23..Can i get nlu patna undr state domicile(ebc)..

  8. my ba llb clat score is 66.5 ,state rank 186 and all india 3894,domicile patna

    will i be able to make to any of the NLU”s?
    and please suggest some good colleges where i could apply

  9. Aprajita Nigam says:

    My CLAT PG 2015 score is 92.75. All India Rank is 244, All India Women Rank is 92, State Rank is 21. Which college do you think I’ll get?

  10. My rank in clat llm is 293 ,any chance of making into any of the top 6 nlu

  11. My clat score for pg is 39 n AIR is 3942 did i get any nlus .
    If not in which clge i can apply

  12. anonymous says:

    my clat llm 2015 score is 63.5 rank is 2040 state category rank is 101. which colg i can get

  13. can u plz help me?
    My clat 2015 for ug state category rank is 23.i belong to ebc category from bihar.As i know there are 22 seats reserved for ebc.Is there any chances of getting cnlu??

  14. hi.. my score is 80.25 and mY AIR is 742 for LLM course, women rank is 330 and state (UP) rank is 278…can i get RMLNLU..?

  15. I have national rank 178. Which is the topmost NLS I can get?

  16. Hey my llm score is 85.25 AIR is 519 women rank is 216 and state rank is 215..what are my chances?

  17. Hey my score is 85.25 AIR is 519 women rank is 216 and state rank is 215..what are my chances?

  18. arunjit dutta says:

    my state rank(assam) is 97 my clat scoring is 38.25 what is chance

  19. ankita sharma says:

    My clat score for Llm 2015 is 62.4 n all India ranking 2124. Women ranking 1014 and state ranking 73. What are the chances of getting in national law universities.

  20. Hi my all India rank is 1189 and women rank is 563 in llm clat. Is there any chance that I can make it to any NLUs?

  21. Srijita Basu says:

    my clat llm score is 29.75 and all india rank is 4404 i can get which colleges??
    can i get nujs kolkata??

    • administrator says:

      You’ll definitely not get NUJS, Kolkata. Sorry, but most probhably, you’ll not get any of the NLUs.

  22. Hey, my clat-llm score is 77, AIR:930, woman rank:436, state rank:340 ! Will I be eligible for any college !?

    • administrator says:

      No, sorry, you won’t make it into any of the NLUs.

      • Great i believe you ! Some1 with 1189 rank can get any college below lucknow and I can’t !! You are right !!!!

        • abhijit tripathi says:

          You are absolutely right! this year many students who have no interest in doing llm have appeared for clat as its mandatory to have a clat score in some PSU’s . These students will not opt for NLU seats. Just hope there are alot of students who have a better rank then you and who dont opt for NLU.

  23. Hey, my clat-llm score is 77, AIR is 930, women’s rank is 436, state rank is 340 (uttar pradesh)! Could be temme if i’ll b eligible fo any college ?

  24. saurabh says:

    sir my rank is 10253 can I get any college???

  25. Nikhil Kumar says:

    hello everyone ,found some xp people here so just thought to ask you something about my contradictions ,
    actually im right now in delhi and i am waiting for my 10 result im planning to do clat or aliet can someone suggest me the right stream to continue and the right coachin to opt for in delhi

  26. Drakshi Gulati says:

    Can you please tell me the cutoffs of every CLAT college ?

  27. Anonymous says:

    HI I got 84 marks in CLAT2014.which college can I get??

  28. abhishek says:

    Sir i got 40.50 marks is there any nlu get and i am state obc cateegory u.p.

  29. Anonymous says:

    CLAT 2014, LLM score 69.5… vat colgs to expect???????????????????

  30. anonymous says:

    Sir plz reply I hv 135 rank in llm can I get Hyderabad or Bangalore.

  31. abhinav says:

    i hv secured 60.25 marks 702 rank in CLAT 2014 for LL.M. Is there in chance of getting adimission . Is there any scope

  32. Sir,i got 46.50 in llb clat 2014.I belong to ebc category from bihar.
    Is there any chance of getting cnlu patna under state domicile??
    Plz do me a favour sir..

    • parmeshwar says:

      yes , you have a chance to get seat under ebc category ,because in CNLU there are 22 seats for ebc ,
      you have to regular check the list ,you will probably get your name in 3rd or 4th list….

  33. hello i got 33.5 in clat is there any chance of law college my merit is 25063

  34. Anonymous says:

    Sir, I have got 135 rank in LLM..can i get Nalsar or Bangalore..plz reply..thanx.

  35. Sir, i have got 78.5 marks and 9164 rank i have got assam state domicile certificate is there any chance to get through NLUJAA

  36. What r d chances of 350 rank holder in getting nlu for llm?

  37. Anonymous says:

    hi…my marks in clat llm 72 n rank …295 acc to previous merit list…..plss tell me…if my marks remains the same in new merit list…den what would be mine chances..??

  38. kindly tell me that whether there will be change in clat llm meritlist and scorecard also after resolving the issue?

  39. RITIKA SINGH says:

    my score in clat 2014 is 102.50 rank is 3886 can i get any nlu,as i women reservation in up as well as defence qouta in uttarpradesh

  40. Kritika Vyas says:

    what is the cut off ( marks ) for NLSIU ??
    plz tell
    will a score of 157 take me to NLSIU Bangalore ??

  41. aashish says:

    i scored 92.5 marks in CLAT and 82.8% in Non-med. In which collage/university can i get admission.

    • administrator says:

      On the basis of your CLAT score you won’t be able to get the NLUs (but your scores might be revised, so watch out for that)

  42. diksha majhi says:

    I have scored 66.50 marks in clat 2014 .is their any nlus which i can get. sir plzz give me any sugguestion towards this .

    • administrator says:

      If these are your ‘correct’ marks and you do not belong to any reserved category, I am sorry, you won’t be able to make it to any college.

  43. I got 46.50 marks in clat 2014 for llb of ug.i come under ebc category.can there is hope of getting cnlu patna under state domicile?

  44. Is the discrepancy only in UG marks or PG ranks could also change…any idea??

  45. Dinesh Sadhnani says:

    Anyone knows cut off of hyderabad
    And bangalore
    Pls tell

  46. Dinesh Sadhnani says:

    Namrata Sadhnani
    Clat merit 150
    Marks 148.75

  47. Sir, I hv secured 687 rank, which nls wl I get.

  48. hi,,,i got 74.25 marks in clat llm 2014 and a rank of 249….what are my chances and which colleges to expect…!!!!plz reply asap…thanxx in advance..

  49. lol Kaustubh now you’re due for multiple parties. One, for getting into NLSIU; second for being featured on lawctopus. xD

    Congrats to everyone! 🙂

  50. sakshi gupta says:

    I hv secured 850 rank in CLAT 2014 for LL.M. Is there in chance of getting adimission . Is there any scope.

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