Christ University’s National Legal Essay Writing Competition, 2013; Submit by Oct 30; Prize Money of 15k, 10k, 7.5k

School of Law, Christ University (The Constitutional Law Committee) is organising the ‘National Level Essay Writing Competition 2013’.


  1. Death Penalty – Is It Ever Justified?
  2. Judicial Activism v. Judicial Restraint: The Indian Disarray
  3. Guarding the Guardians – Need For Stronger Judicial Accountability?
  4. Is Constitution On Par With The Philosophy of Intellectual Property Rights?
  5. Retrospective Amendments – Constitutionally Legitimate?

Word Limit:

Abstract: 300 words

Essay: 3,000 –  6,000 words

Co-authorship by up to 2 authors is permitted.

The last date to submit essays is October 30, 2013.

Citation: Bluebook 19th edition be followed.


First Prize: Rs. 15,000

Second Prize: Rs. 10,000

Third Prize:  Rs.  7,500


Nandita Bose



For full details, click HERE.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    is the result of this competition is out or not?how to know about the result of this competition.did anyone called Nanditha regarding this.Is there anyone who knows any information about the result of this competition ,if so please share it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I seriously believe Mr. A K that the call for essay is a Spam first they don’t have the registration form then the website for submission was unavailable and then there were no replies to the participants.

    I even tried to contact the faculties named in the brochure ( through mail )

    only thing left is to pest Nandita Bose and the Faculties by calling them ………….

  3. Anonymous says:

    whether the results of this competition will be updated in, after the annocement of the results?

  4. Anonymous says:

    when will result be out for this competition?

  5. Anonymous says:

    when will the results be out? pls reply

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is there any way to know the results

  7. ANUNAY SAHAY says:

    Is there a date as to when the results will be out? or calling nandita bose every now and then remains the only option?

  8. when will the results of this competition be out?

  9. This is a reply to Mr A.K. ;
    nandita bose is not the faculty in charge but the student in charge of the competition and if u look at the brochure u will find the names of the faculty in charge and even if then any query remains u can cross check with Christ . So please don’t spread such rumours.

  10. I think This essay is a spam ………. there is no faculty lika Nandita bose in Christ law ,,,,,, moreover no info on christ’s site about such a competition ,………….. it is a trick to get research papers ……….. you can search on christ university’s site .,,….. or can make a call to them ………

  11. Anonymous says:

    The registration form?

  12. Anonymous says:

    from where we should get the registration form

  13. Will the Participation certificated be awarded ?

  14. Please provide e-mail address for submitting

  15. Please provide us with the registration form………..
    Thank you

  16. provide the e-mail address where essay is to be submitted.

  17. please provide the complete details as soon as possible.

  18. Where do I get the registration form from?

  19. Nidhi Bahal says:

    No registration forms to be found!! How to proceed?

  20. No information about E-mail id to which essay submission to be done!!!
    Plz. provide us the ID!!!
    Thank you

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