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Most of the internship/job emails are NOT even opened. 

If the email is opened, it’s put in trash in 10 seconds or less. 

If the email is opened, the  ‘attached’ CV is not.

If the CV is opened, it’s given 10-20 seconds before:

a. deciding that it’s worth a second look

b. moving on to more important things in life

If the CV is opened and ‘liked’, your email is rarely replied to.

If this looks BRUTAL, welcome to the real world!

We are here to give you some good old STRENGTH. 

Lawctopus has designed a course (with inbuilt telephonic counselling sessions) to teach you how to TAME this BRUTAL Career ANIMAL. Forever!

For Rs. 4990 [introductory price], in 3 weeks, in a highly personalized offering, loaded with guide papers, phone calls and mock sessions, we’ll give you the ideas, to processes, the techniques, the tricks which will take care of your internships and jobs for law school and beyond.

And it comes with a money-back guarantee!

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lawctopus career course


Taming the Curriculum Vitae [WEEK 1]

1st Review and Evaluation

  • How good is your CV vis-a-vis your peers
  • What exactly you can do to improve it

Modelling and Formatting; Suggestions: CVs work like advertisements do. Is your profile attractive/compelling enough?

1st career counselling phone call: A frank phone call which will give you a brutal feedback and soothe your nerves. Tough, yes. But we’ll do both.

2nd Check: Finishing touches

Taming the Cover Letter [WEEK 1]

Review: A 360 degree evaluation of your cover letter. Where are you going wrong and what you can do about it.

Tips and strategies: No one’s replying to your email/cover letter? We’ll tell you of some strategies that work.

2nd Check: A 2nd review of your email/cover letter

Taming the Email [WEEK 2]

The Dos of a professional email

The Don’ts a professional email

2nd career counselling phone call

Boot camp: Taming the Internship/Job application process [WEEK 2]

A complete guide on how to apply for an internship/job

Mock email application: Apply to an imaginary law firm and see how it treats you. Can you put your learnings to work?

3rd phone call (Multiple Mock-up Phone Calls): Call up an imaginary office and see how they treat you.

Career counselling [WEEK 3]

3 questions: We’ll answer your top 3 questions (about your career) over email

4th career counselling phone call

Talk to an expert: If we think that you’ve put a sincere effort, we’ll introduce you to an expert with whom you can have another short counselling session over phone.


Duration: 3 weeks

Fees: Rs. 4990 [introductory price]

Batch strength: 10 per batch

Course duration: September 1-20

Last date to pay: August 30

Questions? Send an email to our CEO Tanuj Kalia at [email protected] or call at +91 9711850703.

Click HERE to register and pay for the course.

[Payments are powered by InstaMojo, a secure way to pay online]

PS- If you are not satisfied with the course, just send us an email as to why you didn’t like the course, and we’ll return your money. It doesn’t get simpler than this!


1. Why’s the course priced so high? 

This is not just a course, but more like a course + counselling. It’s not a one-size-fits-all, packed and delivered ‘course’ but is a ‘personalized offering’.

We go through the CV and the cover letter of each of the participants. Similarly, we check how you go about your application process and emails. This all cannot be made into a ‘product’ and ‘scaled’ but needs heavy investment of time and effort.

The course+counselling includes at least 90-120 minutes of personal counselling over phone. Such career counselling sessions by ‘general’ career counsellors are themselves priced at around Rs. 2500-4000.

Plus, if you find the course fee way too high, with our money back guarantee, you can always get your money back!

2. I am a member of the placement committee in my college. Can you help us all?

Yes, please get in touch with Tanuj Kalia at [email protected]


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  1. Well would have appreciated hath the course been reasonably priced like around 2k. This price is like really too much.

    • administrator says:


      The course is more like a course + counselling which will take a lot of time and effort on our part. That also makes sure that each of the participants enjoys an offering tailor-made for him/her, instead of the same ‘course’ packed and delivered to all.

      Rest assured, that it really is a ‘complete’ career course. And hence the price.

  2. Tanuj, your ad does not specify as to when the money back will be applicable. Also what guarantee can you give that after doing this course, the HR will open our application mail?

    • administrator says:

      If you are not satisfied with the course, you get your money back.

      And yes, Tanuj will personally visit all the HRs across India to make sure they open your emails. From the next batch, we’ll open this service to SAARC countries, US, UK and Australia.

  3. administrator says:

    Why’s earning money a bad thing?
    Why does a ‘commercial’ course rile you so much?
    And how do you expect Lawctopus to sustain itself?
    Give all our college managers mega begging bowls and ask for donations? 😛

    People will pay if the find something valuable.
    If they don’t find the course valuable, they won’t pay! Easy peasy.
    The money back guarantee is a ‘guarantee’.

    And yes, a part of this course tells you how to actually get the organizations to open your emails.

    And if you think paid offerings won’t help you just because they ‘involve’ money, feel free to enjoy our content, all of it is ‘free’!

  4. Anonymous says:

    @Tanuj Kalia yes you are helping….up-til now. Dont wash away all of that effort by bringing up such outright commercial courses. You can’t create a course which would make an HR open our e-mails.

    • What’s wrong in engaging in commercial activities? with a money guarantee offer also? Certainly such a course cannot be gifted to you for free

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