BREAKING: NLUJA, Assam Plans to Become a CCTV Fortress

According to a tender here and a layout map here the National Law University and Judicial Academy (NLUJA), Assam will soon have as many as 12 CCTV cameras with DVR (Digital Video Recorders) installed in its premises.

One student, on the condition of anonymity said, “They’d better spend some bucks in getting a good mooting teacher or organize some national seminar of note”.

More updates soon.

nluja screenshot

A screenshot of the website

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  1. Syed Aryan says:

    Installing CCTVs of course does not violate our “Right to Privacy” as they are not installing those in our hostels. But when you apply some common sense, it becomes clear that somebody is investing those money to control our actions through surveillance, which is an useless action. I would say, it would be better if they had invested those money on improving our mess food. I think everybody will agree with this. And Lawoctopus- you should publish, as said by Aditya Singh, any news by taking into the view of the majority and if furtherance of that , If you had come to our University and had taken the views of all and, if 50%+1 student would say, that they do not like this initiative than you have every justification to publish it in a website like this.

  2. Typical Jail…what do the uni authorities want to achieve with this? Absolute waste of money!

  3. This is clearly an offence Mr. Lawctopus. I would say what’s in fact troubling you when nlujaites themselves are not in any kind of aggression ? So rude and ridiculous.

    • administrator says:

      There are many NLUJAites who are against this. (That’s how we came to know about this).

      A lot of them, I see, have put their protest on social media as well.

  4. Lawctopus have you gone mad? Anything now han? Vella people!

    Dont moderate this now. What you should have moderated is the article above!

  5. Aditya Singh says:

    please Mr. administrator you should keep this in your mind while posting any news that till the time the student himself doesn’t give you permission to use his views, you are not supposed to write them even as an ‘anonymous’ named comment. Just because it was somebody who just wanted it to be a breaking News and posted someones personal views on social networking site to be read by his friends and which were not objected to come up on Law-octopus as a comment on national news.

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