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pic1 bwTanuj is a 2013 graduate of NUJS, Kolkata.

He’s a prolific blogger and writer. He’s previously written for Legally India and Bar and Bench and won the ‘Best Blogger in India’ award in a competition organised by LI.

He founded Lawctopus in 2010.

His book ‘Law as a Career’ was recently published by LexisNexis.

Ask him questions on internships, blogging, entrepreneurship and law school life in general.

To ask a question, just leave a comment below!

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  1. Deepali says:

    Is interning at a lpo good idea?

  2. Nishit Kumar says:

    Am a clat aspirant and appeared for CLAT this year only.although my rank was not as solid as expected I will get NUSRL,Ranchi due to my domicile.I have also selected for BA.LLB in Symbiosis Noida and most probably get selected to Nirma University.Which college should I prefer.
    PS-Am a dropper

  3. An Aspirant says:

    Hello sir,
    I am a final year student
    First of all I really appreciate this initiative
    sir it is about judicial Services Examination sir I can not afford a coaching institute ( A good one like Rahul’s IAS, Ambition etc) then How should I prepare? I have started commanding Bare Acts, I have almost completed first reading of all 10 major subjects (cpc, crpc, evidence etc.) from standard Text book right now I may not at the moment tell the correct section but I know the substance sir once I complete the syllabus and two or three time reading of bare Acts I will start solving MCQS and preparing notes. I have not started reading GS/GK ( I eventually will) because in my sate GS has very nominal role so far as this exam is concerned. sir my question is whether my strategy will work or I should adopt another strategy .
    Another thing is that I think I am a fine orator I was part of a team as a speaker which won a national moot court competition and I have taken parts in few other moot courts where I have been asked to go for litigation by moot court judges, I have also taken part in few Parliamentary debates. my concern is that some times I start having second thoughts regarding my first priority which is judiciary

    Sir I also have a request if Lawctopus could host separate materials on judicial service examination/ civil services (law subjects) that would be great

    • help seeker! says:

      Common tanuj, it has been a week since the question was posted and no reply as of yet.
      Please be prompt in answering the queries of students.
      Given that “ask experts” was your brainchild, u must help it not slip into dormancy.

      • Laughing Gas says:

        An author in one of his books has written that the concept of rebirth took place in civil courts in India thus if a person files a suit in his first life he can die in peace because he has his entire next birth to hear and take care of adjudication. Now this initiative is heading in same direction.

        • administrator says:

          Ha! Trust me, we are working on it! But yes, sincere apologies for the long no-show!

          • Hopeful Aspirant says:

            Thank You sir
            I am at a very crucial stage of my preparation and your advice would mean a lot because it will shape my preparation I can always seek advice from others but I do not trust others.

          • A novice poet dreaming laughing gas says:

            Oh! Laughing gas where are you?
            Oh! Laughing gas we need you
            your powers are immense your effect is in abundance
            please explode again, please explode again
            So, The reply Shall come, so the paths will be known
            Oh laughing gas please come again

  4. Prathamesh says:

    Hello Sir, I am in 2nd year of BLS LLB Mumbai University. I am interested in practising Family law in Mumbai. Sir, can you please guide about it as in 1) scope of it/future prospects
    3)best firms/advocates to intern in Mumbai
    3)Is it compulsory to do LLM to practise in Family law.Which are the best institutes that provide LLM in family Law
    4) Should I keep my practise limited only to Family law or should i practise Civil & Family law both as i think having knowledge of both the fields will be complementary & helpful. Am i correct?
    5) Please can u guide me as If anyone who wants to become a family/civil/IPR lawyer then which subjects should he choose in 3/4/5th year or is it that everyone has to study same subjects.. as i have no idea about selecting subjects in Mumbai University.
    & at last I would like to sincerely express my gratitude and want to say THANK YOU to “Tanuj Sir & the Entire Team”for giving birth to the Amazing “LawOctopus” as it is helping & guiding lacs of law students, especially who dont have anyone from legal field in their family(including me) . Waiting for a positive reply.

  5. krishnendra joshi says:

    hello sir,i am a final year law student from a traditional university,(3 years).I am thinking of doing advanced professional certification in corporate law and practice from my,will it help me in finding good work?

    • administrator says:

      Hi Krishnendra, I don’t have first hand experience of doing the course but what I know is that has a great team working which makes be believe that the course should be good too! The course will help you with the knowledge/skills required to ‘find good work’.

  6. Sir ,I have been trying for internship since my 1st year,I am in my 2nd year of law but l haven’t been successful.I have a good academic record and good oratory skills but can’t procure any internshi.Pl guide

    • administrator says:

      Hi Mohit, I cover this topic in detail in my book. Actually, one full section of the book (50+ pages) is on “Internships, CVs and Jobs”.

      I’d really advise you to buy it from Amazon here:

      If you don’t find the book worth the money, just drop in your number here and I’ll do a recharge for that amount.

      PS- Sorry, if the the career advisory page is sounding more like a book promotion page, but I genuinely believe that reading the book will do justice to your questions (which are pretty broad in scope).

  7. Top 10 law college according to you for ballb

    • administrator says:

      NLIU Jodhpur
      NLU Bhopal
      GNLU Gandhinagar
      SLS Pune

      After this, I’d personally go to a good college in either Delhi or Mumbai (this could be GLC, Amity Delhi etc.) because Delhi and/or Mumbai, as cities, have a lot to offer (in terms of growth etc.)

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