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Jai Dehadrai has recently setup his own chamber, and practices across courts in New Delhi.

Jai graduated from the ILS Law College, Pune University with a B.S.L. L.L.B. and a LL.M. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School (USA), with a specialization in Commercial Litigation and Competition Law.

Upon graduating from Penn Law, Jai worked at the premier US law firm, Kline & Specter as Foreign Attorney.

Having worked previously with a top law firm in India and the United States, Jai accepted a yearlong Clerkship with Hon’ble Justice S.A. Bobde of the Supreme Court.

His book, “Aequabilis: Fairness, Equity & Justice,” was published in 2014 by India’s foremost legal publishers, All India Reporter (AIR) Nagpur. Mr. Ratan Tata has written the foreword.

A prolific writer, Jai has published op-eds in nearly all the national dailies, including the Times of India, Hindustan Times and Indian Express. He writes a regular blog titled the ‘Irreverent Lawyer’ on law and politics for the Times of India.

Ask him questions on human rights legal practice, legal writing and LLM applications.

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  1. What should be your advice for a law scholar who is interested to pursue career in litigation?
    in terms of
    -How to initiate after your 5 years of law school?
    -Things to be concern in choosing the senior under whom one needs to be groom?
    -if you are willing to practise in the High Court (having territorial jurisdiction on the place you reside),will it be crucial to get first 4-5 years experience in the Delhi or Bombay?
    -nature of internship in last 2 years of law school?

  2. Hello Jai,

    My dilemma is that I have studied under a professor of the university where I intend to apply (for only one semester). I believe I formed a good impression on him (I did reasonably well in his subject, in fact he awarded me pretty high grade), would it be wise to ask him for a recommendation even though he is not teaching at my law school anymore or should I stick to my law school’s professors who have taught me for longer periods and thereby observed me for longer period.

  3. Hey,

    I am planning to apply for my LLM abroad. I need to advice to which universities should I target? I am interested in doing my masters in Business Laws. Also I need some guidance as to how should I gather my recommendation letters. Who all should I target? and is it advisable to have as many as possible or just have one or two but from eminent persons in the field? The problem I am facing is that the more I read about all this the more I get confused and not able to take the right decision. Please if you can help.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. How can I enhance my legal writing skills as specifically in essay and research paper ?And Is there is any major difference in pursuing LLM from USA rather than India ?

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