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Anant is current working as a Counsel with Trilegal, Mumbai in the firm’s corporate practice group.

Anant Kaushik, a graduate from Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur, is a corporate lawyer with over seven years of experience.

Prior to joining Trilegal, Anant also briefly worked at Wadia Ghandy, Mumbai.

Anant has represented several domestic and international clients in the areas of general corporate, mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures and private equity investments.

He also has various publications to his credit in varied legal journals in the area of corporate laws and has delivered lectures at events organized by Society of Indian Law firms.

In his free time, Anant likes to travel and has a keen eye for photography.

Ask him questions on corporate laws and practice, career in a law firm and legal publications.

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  1. I’m a final year law student pursuing the 5 yrs BA LLB course from The Law School, University of Jammu. I’m very much interested in a career in corporate sector but I have no internship experience with any firm. I have interned with a few advocates and have attented workshops and seminars. What should I do??

    • Priya – you are late, no two thoughts on that. But it’s fine. They say it’s never too late. I would suggest : (1) start applying to firms (possibly, tier 2-4 firms) for a job – you will learn and gain the desired experience once you start working – we have all learnt and continue to learn at work, or (2) alternatively, even if you have graduated or about to – start interning with a good firm for a long duration – say 3-6 months. That will help you to gain some exposure and also throw chances of eventually being hired by the firm where you interning or some other firm or corporate. Take that internship as extended education – it’s totally fine.

  2. Respected Sir,

    I am in my 2nd year of B.A.LLB., D.E.S law collage, Pune and have a question regarding internships.
    Q. When is the right time for a student to start interning and which is much better, interning under a lawyer or interning under a firm? Also what must I be aware of before starting an internship?

    • Could you first clarify two things : (i) are you in a 3 year course or 5 year course, (ii) what sort of career would like to pursue – i.e. in-house, law firms or litigation.

      • Sir,
        I am in a 5 year course. Although i would like to pursue a career in law firms, I want to hone skills as a good litigator.

        • Brita – both are quite varied and involve nurturing different skill sets. I would suggest, do not decide at this stage – you don’t need to. Start interning right away. Intern with both law firms as well as at counsel offices and see for yourself which is more of your thing. All the best.

  3. Ankit Tripathi says:

    I have inclination towards Constitutional law and I am thinking of pursuing my Honours in Constitutional law. But at the same time, I am little skeptical about the career options which would be available after my hons. degree in Constitutional Law. Could you please enlighten what are the possible career options in this field and can I still get a placement in firms like Wadia Ghandy and Amarchand after pursuing non corporate degree?

    • Hi Ankit,

      Apologies for the delayed response. Again, as my profile would indicate it, not my area of expertise. Constitutional law would help in a law firm especially in the litigation team. However, 90% of the litigation practice that law firms (including WG, SAM or CAM) have are in the area of corporate, commercial and securities law. I would request you to direct your query to the folks having the lit background for better guidance.

  4. Ratnesh Agarwal says:

    Dear sir,

    I often read about litigation tips and corporate tips for law students; what to do and what not to do if you want to pursue a career in litigation or corporate law. But sir, what about ADR? What to do if someone wants to take up, for instance, Arbitration as a career in India? Are there any arbitration firms in India, both boutique and otherwise? What about international arbitration and what to do if I want to excel there? Please guide me in this regards. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Ratnesh – not in the area of my expertise. Suggest you reach out to someone else who may be better placed to guide you. If I have to think of one thing – try and see if you can get into SIAC in some role.. they have been hiring recently..dont see brilliant starting options in India in ADR.. SAM does lot of arbitration work though.. But ask someone else.

      • Ratnesh Agarwal says:

        Very well sir, I will ask around. Thank you for replying. Just one more thing – what about Boutique arbitration law firms? Is there any scope there?

        PS. I’m still a law student in my final year.

  5. Respected sir,

    I want to explore my career in corporate sector but actually heard many dissatisfied replies from my seniors. Can you enlighten up the correct scenario and oppurtunities of corporate field,so that I can look forward to this properly.

    • There are dissatisfied folks in every field and in my opinion that should not be the basis of your judgement. You have to try it firsthand. Do an internship and see for yourself if it makes sense for you. Don’t be coloured by people’s opinion as each ones vantage point is different from the other.

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