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  1. many people are accusing kejriwal for going with congress. true.. the way aap campeign was moving throwing all abuses to congress its seems natural to ppl to criticize him. but we have to understand here that this is not an anna hajare campeign to be lead totally in a moral way with less resonance with practicality. politics is a power game and you have to make adjustments. i really cant comment on if kejriwal is really an uncurrupt person or not , but it seems he is definitely better than rest of the people who is handling the politics. the promises aap party made, i feel are to idealistic to be delivered. but u know what, what the hell.. every party does that!! the way brand kejariwal has emerged is no less than a miracle… i think it wil not be less than satisfactory even if they deliver half of the things they promised. and therefore i think.. inspite of there (over) dramatic ways of appealing people and touching their feelings by doing so… i feel kejriwal is making an attempt to do something different and deserves a chance.


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