Amity Law School Lucknow’s 8th National Moot Court Competition; Register by Feb 15


Student pursuing 3 years or 5 years of LL.B. Degree in the academic year 2014-15 from any recognized Law School/College/University in India/abroad are eligible to participate.

Any recognized Law School/College/University in India shall be entitled to send only one team to the competition.

Each team shall consist of a minimum of two and maximum of three members. Team comprises of two speakers and one researcher.

Teams shall identify such speakers and researcher during the on campus registration. In case of a two member team, single person act as a Speakers and the researcher.


The Institutions/teams should provisionally register themselves by sending an email to: [email protected] or visit the website here latest by February 15th, 2015.

Contact Details

Student Convener : Priyanka Bhatnagar : +919415225939 , [email protected]

Student Co-ordinator: Raj Deepak Chaudhary: +919044598148, [email protected]

Devrishi Kumar: +919415334073, [email protected]

Official Email ID : [email protected]

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Comments Till Now

  1. People at Amity are cooperative & friendly. Priyesh Abhilash n Prateek Animesh. MCC works hard. Still in touch with them. Especially prateek.
    There were some issues with university administration.

  2. I never went there but i am quite sure that the students of this university are very ..sweet.

  3. Dhananjay Kelker says:

    I agree its a time pass moot. Amity Law School cheats with talent of budding lawyer. D[] is complete shit. Group of [] works here for Organizing Committee MC.

  4. Sumit Agnihotri says:

    These people don’t know how to organize moot. Moreover, when you go to MCC to ask something they starts arguing you without any reason. Amity Lucknow is full of cheaters.

  5. Amity Lucknow’s moot is waste of time & money. Experienced last year when […] was Convener.

  6. Last year I participated here and the MCC arbitrarily send our team out of the competition. MCC erased the marks given by Judges and put new score by itself. There was a girl named something […] she was behaving as if she was expert of Moot and national champion but in actual she was biggest looser and not even qualifies for NHRC Moot.

  7. Inefficient people are organising Moot 2015. No good things can be expected.

  8. True Speaker says:

    It will be great moot only to time pass as non of the committee members are familiar with Moot Court. Last time I participated here, they make out of court editing in mark sheets and change the marks of participants on basis of their choice.
    Amity Lucknow is famous for cheating and doing injustice to the participants.

  9. True Speaker says:

    ALS Lucknow is on its deteriorating stage. The cream MCC members are either passed or withdrew from MCC due to autocratic behavior. One can imagine the level of Moot by looking at the new MCC. The […] are not even a law graduates. […] can be found busy with her boy friend. Other faculty members are of same stature. None of them have ever judged moot or participated. In short all are 0/10 in Moot Court. Mr. Parijaat faced [..] during the internal rounds.
    The conditions of Student committee is same. Student […] is all time failure be it academic or else. […] has never even participated in moots.
    The results of moot mainly depends on how a team make good friendship with out stationed team.
    Suggestions for participants: Do go Amity Lucknow. Its only a time waste here under such crap people who don’t know what is Moot all about? They organize moot just to do formalities.

    • May be ALS, Lko was not at it’s best in PAST at events ..but things are changing in ALS. ALS is better NOW learning from it’s mistakes …. taking every measure to be unbiased to be better.

      Mr. True Speaker & all the people like you – YOU ARE NO ONE TO JUDGE OTHER’S .
      You are not a HARISHCHANDRA …. judging and talking like this others. Better first see who you really are

      • True Speaker says:

        Dear RD (The sycophant),
        I know the MCC since its very beginning when Mr. B. M. Pandey and his team lead the MCC. One can expect the unbiasedness from the very fact that non-lawyer Ms. Lubna Ansari is Convener of the competition. Can you tell me how many moot competition did your entire team which is leading the student body have done so far. I bet that Student Convener know anything about moot. Today, only I called her and she was not aware of the moot proposition.
        Betu, mujhe na samjhau moot kya hota hai. Though, I’m not a HARISHCHANDRA but not cheater like Amity & MCC. You keep buttering Ms. Ansari & Parijat may be next year your name will be as Student Convener.

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