POLL: Do You Address your Seniors as Sir and Ma’am?

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  1. Are you from RMNLU ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well I just want to say that I address my seniors as Ma’am and sir and my juniors also address me as ma’am and I find this whole thing very stupid , I get embarrass when I am addressed as ma’am and with that one also has to wish their seniors . When I asked this stupidity , we are being told that its all about teaching us the ‘work culture’ . OMG !!!! I think some things are best taught by experience , addressing someone as ma’am or sir won’t change anything .
    Please students of my college read this (especially seniors)

    • Anonymous :| says:

      Dear Anonymous

      You should share this through facebook, twitter, linkedin, e-mail etc. to let them know. Else neither your senior nor your junior will get to know of this. Or if you still prefer to be anonymous then at the least write your law school name 😀

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