Lloyd Law College’s 2nd Prof. NR Madhava Menon National Moot 2016 [3-4 Dec, Noida]: Register by Oct 22


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Moot Problem

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Registration Form

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Registration Deadline

Registration of Teams by: 22nd October, 2016

Memorial Submission (Soft Copy)

25th November, 2016

Memorial Hard Copy Submission

At the time of competition.


Winners for the competition will receive SILF-MILAT Best Law Student (Female & Male) Award comprising Fully-Sponsored Fellowships for pursuing LL.M. at Pennsylvania State University, School of Law, U.S.A.


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  1. Kumar Deepraj says:
  2. Where is the MOOT PROP?!!

  3. kamal hassan says:

    the moot problem is already released but will be visible only to good people
    evil people cannot see it


  4. Sowmiyanarayan R says:


  5. Keerthana says:

    Where is the moot problem?! It’s 5th already!!

  6. Salman qasmi says:

    Where is the moot problem??

  7. Would you ever release the moot problem??

  8. Rajit Kaushal says:

    Where is the moot problem, it’s 2nd October!?

    This is ridiculous.

  9. Sep 30th got over where is the moot problem?

  10. when will the moot proposition come? Its 30th already!

  11. Tejaswi Surolia says:

    What is the topic of the moot problem ?

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